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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Only two days of school left...
As you can see, I still have two days of school left. This seems like the longest week ever. That's okay though. Today went by pretty fast.

Thank you for the comments. I got more than usual this time. It's probably because I update on weird days and don't visit a lot. Sorry about that.
I finished my exams today. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! The algebra exam was pretty easy. (Well, the second half of it was.) The english exam was also easy. I didn't think I was doing too well in English, but it turns out I'm getting a 101 percent or something. I didn't know I could do that because I don't ever see any extra credit opportunities. It's cool though.

This is the longest year I ever had in middle school. It was probably one of my favorite middle school years. (7th grade sucked) Anyway, I guess I better get ready for high school. I heard they can be the best four years of your life or the four worst years of your life. It all depends on how you spend it. I hope to join some cool club like an anime club or chess club or something. Maybe start my own club. You never know.

This morning in health class with the coolest health teacher I know was the last day of health. Every girl except for me and some other girl were crying. I was not very surprised. That first hour health class had some of the best students in their. None of the boys cried though. I smiled. Hehe. Maybe that wasn't the best idea, but I felt someone had to look happy in the crying crowd. He also showed us a last powerpoint about the life skills we learned and stuff. Health always seems to make the school year longer. Wow...that was a great class.

All other classes ended today too. Tomorrow my class and I are going to Valleyfair. I'm not really looking forward to going, but I might as well enjoy my time there. I'll probably go on the wild thing or something. I'm not going on any water rides though. I hate water rides. They're fun, but I hate walking around wet. Also, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, maybe. Well, I'll let ya'll know when I come back.

BTW I also made a kakashi jewelry piece in art class. I can't wait to show you guys. It looks awesome. I don't have to go buy my own. SWeet! I'll put it up asap.

This post seems too long. I'm sorry. I'll bet no one will even read this post. Sorry, but I don't think I can visit many sites today. I'll try my best. Okay, later.

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