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Thursday, February 22, 2007

   Something really bad happened (from my point of view anyway)...
Wow! Thanks for the comments everyone. 7 comments....that's a lot compared to what I usually get since I don't get much time to update. (BTW I'm posting at home again. Yay!) The long weekend is over and I'm in school again. I was in school yesterday actually. Anyway, something bad happened on the first day. I think there's something fishy about the three day week we have this week because I keep losing things.

First of all, I was just having a regular school day. Traveling from class to class with my binder and novel. When the bell rang for the end of 6th hour, I realized I didn't have my novel with me. I thought maybe I had left it in 5th hour, so I went to ask my teacher. She said that she hadn't seen it, but would keep a look out for it. No news so far. Unfortunately, the novel was a book from the public library and it was hardcover. This meant that if I lost this book at school and it never got returned to the public library, I would have to pay for it. The cost would probably be a lot because of the hardcover, so I am a bit worried. I haven't found it yet, but I hope it turns up soon. It's not really the money I'm worried about, but I was in the middle of the action and I want to read it soon. Plus I have a cool bookmark in there and (since I'm crazy about bookmarks cause I got a bookmark collection, I know I'm weird) I don't want to lose it. I feel really bad for losing it. In fact, I think I'm depressed, but this feels kinda stupid. Why am I so...worried about a book? Well, I kinda really really like books. *sigh*

That was curse #1. REady to hear curse #2 of this week? I was in a class and we were working on packets, but I couldn't find my packet. I don't think it was my fault though because the packets were kept in the room. This happened today. I felt bad. Everything that was mine (sorta) was going missing. It's scary. I hope tomorrow isn't as bad as this. I'm scared. Really really really scared.

This is the end of the post then. Thanks for reading this far. And thanks for commenting. Man, that was a lot of comments for me. Thanks all. I'll see you all again the next time I post. Have a better day than me.

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