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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The last day of the four day weekend....
Yep, this is the last day of the four day weekend for me and probably some of you guys too. This is rare that I'm posting so early, and that I'm posting at home for once. It's kind of awkward. All I'm really going to do today is homework and stuff. Not much stuff for what feels like a sunday, but is actually a Tuesday. Feels weird.

Thanks for the comments. The good thing about our library is that it has a young adult section with three computers and there usually aren't a lot of people hanging around there (at least when I'm there). There are also a whole bunch of computers that are under a screen thing, so that no one can see what you're doing. (The screen thing doesn't always work though. ONce I was playing runescape and some highschool boys walked pass and saw the game so they said, "Cool...runescape" or something like that. My drawings turned out pretty well. NOt exactly as I had predicted, but they still turned out great. I wish I could put them on fanart. They are some of the best pictures I have ever drawn.

For most of my four day weekend, I was cleaning and organizing my room. I found a lot of stuff I didn't need/want anymore. I gave them to my sisters or threw them away. That's what I did the whole weekend....well, I also drew some pictures and read a section of a book, and got some stuff from my older sis when she cleaned out her room. Ex: cd player, pretty paper(I love paper...paper is the best...), monkey poster, recorder, etc.

This too:

Restore theOtaku.com to the site we all know and love! Bring back our editorial staff and regular articles for our main page! The scam has taken over theO and left it a shell of it's former self!

A loyal fan of the real 'theOtaku'.

It's from a friend telling me about theOtaku being neglected because of a scam ordeal. Copy this and put it somewhere.
The End
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Wait! It's not yet the end. I meant the end of the post. Have a good day.

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