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Saturday, February 17, 2007

At the library, am posting, and four day weekend........
Yay!!!!!!!! My four day weekend has started. I'm so excited. So far I have finished a picture I was drawing. It came out better than I expected, but also not a great as I expected. It's fine. And I am posting at the library again. Every saturday I come to the library, but don't always have time to post. I'm glad I can post now. Sorry I'm talking about the library again, I can't talk about anything else, can I?

In other news, the four day weekend has started as I've said earlier. It's fine, nothing bad is happening so far. Everything is good. It seems like a normal weekend, so all is well. The reason my school is having a four day weekend is because of some teacher....thing. Yeah, that's it. I don't know much about it though, but it gives us a day off, so that's cool.

At the library, I'm going to check out some manga today. I'm getting Angelic Layer volume 2 and Crescent Moon volume 4, although I haven't yet read Crescent Moon 3. I hope volume three is ready before I have to read volume four. The story is a bit complicated so I'm afraid to jump ahead.

My drawing...well, I can't say much about it yet. I haven't done much, but finish a picture I was drawing earlier this week. Most of the art I did on it was just toning and shading and stuff. That's really all I did so far. While I was doing that, I was listening to the first Naruto soundtrack song #4. I'm not sure what it is called though. It's simple with three parts and very calming. I love that song although it only lasts for about a minute and a half.

And once again, I must wrap up this post. I will say farewell to those who have read this and I'm sorry if the post was long. I'm not sure if it was, but it sure seems long(ish). I hope all of you have a good day. And if you don't mind, would you tell me about your day? I'll try to get to as many sites as possible today.

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