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Friday, February 16, 2007

My day and...
Hello....thanks for the commments. I feel not so left out anymore. I thought there were very few people who didn't really like V-day, but there seems to be more than I thought.

My day was...I can't say anything about it because it was just a regular day at school. Something cool is happening though. We're going to have a four day weekend (here at least). It's because of President's day and something else. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually kind of excited. I'm really hoping I won't grow bored of it soon because that's what always happens when there's a long weekend or break. During the time off from school, I'm going to practice drawing again. My art skills have gone down because of that big project I was workin on.

Well, that's what I'm practically gonna do. I'll see if I can visit you guys during those days too, but I doubt it because my siblings are going to be fighting over the computer. (sigh) That's it for now....have a good day everyone.

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