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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's day! I'm actually not a very big fan of this stuff, but I like the treats and stuff. It's just seeing bright pink or red flowers carried by people in the hallway that annoys me. (Yeah, I know I'm weird.) Feel free to get me treats if you wish.

Thanks for the comments!!!!! I'm so happy now. I was so....uh....not happy? until I checked the comments. By the way, I got my project finished. And one more thing. It was sort of like a contest thing or something too, though I didn't think I'd even do well enough to consider it. Guess what? Unfortunately, I made it to the regionals. Yeah, weird. I'm making it to the regionals in everything...it's really kind of scary. I don't remember doing well on it, but somehow I passed....weird. I really wanted not to go on because it would mean more work...so....yeah, whatever.
I'm trying not to procrastinate anymore, but...it's not really working. I'm getting better at not procrastinating, but I'm doing it when I don't even know I am. Thanks for the energy advice. I'll be sure to get lots of sugar!!!!!! I knew it was good for something.

Valentine's day....nothing happened to me. I just went to school like usual and almost forgot it was Valentine's day. I got no Valentines except...I got a treat from the busdriver like everyone else. And someone wrote Happy VAlentine's day on my binder. I don't know what that was all about though. I hope it isn't like a secret admirer or something. That kind of stuff reminds me of a stalker. And stalkers kinda creep me out. Well, I never really liked valentine's day, but it's fine if nothing too weird happens.

I'm still wishing you a Happy Valentine's day whether you or I like it or not. So there....please don't complain....and I started on Cheeky ANgel. It's awesome. Well, I'd like to say...see you all next time.

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