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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Posting at the library again...
The manga I got last week was good. I'm also getting manga this week. I'm excited. I also read Samurai Shortstop. It's a novel by Alan Gratz. It's actually really good and helping me with my History day project. It's about samurai and baseball. I definitely recommend it.

This week was better, but still tough. I had to leave school because of a club I was in so there were a few things I had to do get back on track. This whole week in social studies was for History Day, but I didn't really do anything. Now I'm working extra hard during the weekend. Well, it isn't due for a few weeks anyway. That's okay, right?

Eveyone has problems. My little sister's is about friends. My youngest brother's is about wearing pants too low (not really, my mom just thinks so). My younger brother...don't ask. My older sis...mom and daughter fight. My older bro...hides too much. My other older bro...living alone. My sister-in-law...? My oldest bro...? My parents...too many problems. Me...working TOO hard? Yeah, I'm practically a workaholic right now. I'm working too much. It's not my fault though. I don't want to fail 8th grade, and the teachers give a lot of homework.

How was your day? I hope your weekend brings you joy.

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