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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby is this love for real let me in your arms to feel, your beating heart baby
Did everyone enjoy pancakes day?
Well, yesrterday was very good at school and then Mairin (mysterious rei) and Yinka came over to my house after school. It was when I tried to switch on the tv and radio and they did'nt come on I was a bit worried. When the stove and lights would'nt come on I was pissed off. So after playing around with my friends and my sister I phoned the council and our enegy supplier for about an hour until my mum came home. When I came back for helping out at Church I expected to see light but no light had come back. To cut a long story short we ate pancakes by lighting the stove with matches. Two electricians came and we ended up all sleeping in the sitting room because the only gas heater was working as it's not electric.
Luckily today they temporarily fixed it.
Anyway I need luck in my exams next week that I haven't revised for and this scriptwriting competition I'm trying to write for, it's so hard!
Next time I'll visit you all, I promise^^

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