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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   Yay! A post!!!!!!!
I decided to obsess over a new band so I am checking out Nine Inch Nails and they're really great band.
Sorry I'm hardly on, I've had mock exams I have one tommorow for Re and I've hardly revised for it. I got my module results back on Friday
Physics B
Chemistry B
Biology A*
and for my Maths mock
61/100 Non-Calc B
53/100 Calc B/C
I'm kind of disappointed with my results. I should really be doing homework right now and I'm so hungry, I want my dinner!T_T
I said this year I wanted to help people actively- not just giving money to charity so I think I'll ask my local charity shop if they need help on Saturdays. I also said I wanted to lose weight this year but after a week of using the elliptical trainer I 've gotten bored and have decided to change my diet but this is so hard for a glutton like me.*sigh*
I need to go to my school library and get the DVD of Fruba episodes 13-19 I 've watched the other episodes and they're great but when I heard the voice of Yuki in the Japanese version he sounded too feminine because he was played by a girl.
It's so nice to post at last,
Au revoir

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