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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

   Because my love for you would break my heart in two, if you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flow-er!
I can't change my site because of parental controls.
So proud of my self because I've visited all the updated sites in my friends list.
My sister got Sims 2 on PC so my younger sister is more creepy when everyone's on the computer, so she can get time on sims, which my sisiter only wanted because the characters can become pregant.
Bye all

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Friday, August 10, 2007

   My site
Wow my site needs to be updated it bores me.
Hope your all fine

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Last weekend I was at my auntie's house in the South Buckinghamshire, the countryside surrounding London which was cool.
Yesterday I won my first PS2 game, Portal Runner, which was incredibly easy but I only completed 42% of it.
I really should be revising for next year, but hell IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Hope everyone is well,bye

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Monday, July 30, 2007

   I won't let the rocks cry out
I came back from Leiston (my Venture Christian Holiday Camp in Ipswich,Suffolk)on Saturday at 10 to 2 in the day.
The holiday was the best Christian camp,the beach was pretty and the activities there were fun. But the combination of tiring activities and limited hours of sleep because of the talkative people in my dorm at bedtime and an early awakening I was very sleepy.
It was funny the whole week had a Hollywood theme so each day was fantasy day, chick flicks day etc. On the last day,the Oscars everyone recieved a award, I won most laid back because I came down late to dinner or breakfast last on a couple (well many) occasions.
I wish I could go back next year but it's a 11-14 aged camp and I'm 14. So next year I'll go to another venture in maybe Drogba Bay the come back when I'm 16 as a leader in Leiston. What I really miss is the beach and the evening worship. I have a reunion to look forward to in October/November which is good.
From today to Friday I'm helping out my church as they do a holiday club for 6-11 year olds.
Bye everyone, hope you have a good holiday^^

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   Planet Earth
Today was a OK day. For the last two lessons of the day all the classes sold food make-up, sponged the teachers, sold raffle and tombola tickets etc. This was to raise money for charity and my class sold cakes biscuits drinks chocolate and sweets. I forgot to bring my cake to school, so when I went home and me and my sisters tried it we wwere almost poisoned with baking powder the cake was disgusting, lucky I didn't take it to school then. I bought not as much as I thought I would which is good so I some spare money and I got my certificates and book token for creative writing.
My sister will use it to buy potter 7 for me (I'll be on holiday) along with my other voucher.
P.S why wasn't it released on the 7/7/07? Maybe it was a weekday.
Bye all^^

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Monday, July 16, 2007

   I love you baby-but not like how I love my guitar
I don't know if you heard but I bought Prince's NEW album from The Daily Mail On Sunday for free, it's a OK album my favourite track is 2 My guitar, that one's the best. I think it's great that new albums come free with your sunday paper, what's interesting about this is that he's not trying to make much money from his album sales(the album also comes free with tickets to his concerts).
I'm less tired (or so I thought) the school production of Bugsy Malone is over, so I thought I'd be less tired, but I woke up at 5 to 8am- 25 minutes before school. I'm surprised me and everyone in my house made it to school/work on time.
Today I got let off from school at 1.45 so I had time to make a cake for the fundraiser,which went wrong but I'll still take it to school. I think the fundraiser will be great my sister said they were doing good deals on make-up and everyone will be selling food and sweets.
I also had played on my PS2 playing Final Fantasy X and SSX3.
On Saturday this week day after Ii break up I'm going to this camp with my church for a week. I hope it's as good as everyone says it is.
Bye everyone hope you have a great evening^^

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My name is Talullah
Today was a all day rehersal for Bugsy Malone. I wear a pair of stupid ankle-swinging trousers because I'm so tall and one of jackets are tight, it pushes my chest around.
I thnk I have one of the best parts in the show (well so I'm told), I play a rubbish ventriloquist in the audition scene These are my lines I play both parts with a sock puppet.
Dummy:Hello everybody
Ventriloquist: Well, how are you today Clarence.
D:Don't ask. I suppose your wondering why am here.
Oscar De Velt (director)You bet!Next
D:What does he mean next doesn'the know we are!I'll punch the sucker on the nose!
The dummy sounds a bit like Michael Jackson.
I did a practise run of the show for year 10s and new intake, which was ruined at the end when some
ppl decided to shout the final song.
Tommorow and friday are the proper shows and one girl got axed from the show (chased by the drama teacher on her wedges!!! ) because she was rude and tried to escape the teacher in a very dramatic fasihon (slamming doors). With a day to the production one of the people in her gang had to replace her because only a gang memeber would have know her words. The teacher blocked the only exit out of school so she was caught.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Let's Dance
Not much happened at school today because most of the day was devouted to rehearsing for the school play and being bored to hell.
Live Earth was a bit crap I missed some bands I really wanted to see and hate that Madonna song 'Hey You'. It's funny because most of the artist and audience travelled in fuel guzzling planes and other modes of transport to the concert. Hyprocrisy? Yep.
Hope you all had a good day^^

I hope this concert stops climate change like Live Aid stopped world hunger.
Chris Rock-Live Earth

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stronger-Kanye West
I really love Kayne,he's got such a huge ego but he's a great rapper. Anywaty I like daft punk as well and this song he has sampled. People on youtube says the video is modelled on akira, which I've never seen (I know it's some famous shonen anime but that's all).
Anyway good news today, Iv got my target of level 7 in science!!!!!!!!!!! Wohooo!
Speaking of Science the whole day was science and maths day. I extracted my dna and made a tacky necklace and other stuff.
Hope you all have a nice evening, bye^^

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Monday, July 2, 2007

   Life's a b****
Why me? It's always me, I'm always the one with the crap.
Well I got my Maths SAT results which was Level 7 and two marks of Level 8. I needed a very high mark to get into the one of the 30 places for early GCSE Maths, which I've certainly got but it would have been nice to get an 8 for my pride and money (30) I could earn. But I could still get an 8, my maths teacher is going to check my exam papers. Please pray for me.
Bye everyone

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