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Thursday, July 24, 2008

   3 weeks and counting.
yup, its that time. Its time to acknowledge the truth. Yes, summer is almost over. I realized this after a good cup of coffee and some cheering up from a special (at least to me) someone. As the title says, I have about 3 weeks left, I still have homework to finish, and TheO story. These next few weeks are gonna be interesting. But along with that is a feeling I get every summer, and a feeling I HATE. Its that feeling that life has slowed to a crawl, and is just lacking. That's why I need the coffee. The cheering up was just a little extra. I actually wonder if she knows she cheered me up. DDDx Yesterday it was my gourmet cookie, now my coffee. I won't say anymore. Moving on, I'm actually *mentally* ready to go back to school. I miss those who I left when the year ended. Plus as Juniors we start at a different campus, so just finding my way around will be fun again. Also I hear that Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion will be coming out on DVD. You know what that means right? In less than week from that date, we'll have subs of the movie, which hopefully isn't as depressing at the end as the first. Wow, this is longer than my last few posts, and I'm not even done xDDD. As for my own writing, I get the urges, but they're small ideas, nothing big enough to actually sit down and add to Two Across. One thing I do know though is that I'm changing the story around. In the end, it was gonna be a Roxas vs Sora, hey Roxas gets the Two Across and is suddenly fulfilled. Waaait, the whole "gets new weapon and now things have a better ending" shtick is used, too much, already. So its probably gonna end up slice of life, which will be a great change for me. I love slice of life stories, more based on relationships than on fights. In fact, I'm thinking about incorporating the feelings I have for a certain someone into my story. I feel pretty much like Roxas does atm, so hey, who knows. But first, I have to drill through the mood-killer that is Huck Finn aka The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Excuse me as i hurt the idiot who thought summer homework on such dull books as this was a good idea. *lil while later* Mkay, there we go. To end this post, I want to say a little about myself. I love technology. So for me, a cellphone is just another way to curv my boredom and explore a little piece of technology. I need a phone that can sustain my interest. The LG Rumor, doesn't do it. Love the full keyboard, hate the lack of anything else powerfull, technology wise. Remind me to get a blackberry next time, in fact, if I dont, I'll fly you out here so you can SLAP me personally.
Thank you for reading,


P.S. - The official site for Kingdome Hearts: 358/2 Days is finally out. Nice free wallpaper. http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom/days/

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