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Thursday, February 14, 2008

i didnt have as good as valentines as i thought i would. Cameron told me he's giving me my present on Saturday. i dont want to wait! and it wouldve been cool to carry around flowers all day. but *sigh* oh well.

*hugs all* thats your valentines day present! and thats what i gave to all my friends. *hugs again*

i love him but he's not romantic at all. but i cant expect that from him. im good with just having him! X)


1. how are you?
2. how was your valentines?
3. whats your favorite song?
4. what song reminds you of your special someone?
5. lol


1. good. my neck hurts though.
2. *points up*
3. highschool never ends by bowling for soup.
4. shout by lulu and fidelity by regina specktor
5. lol

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