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Monday, November 1, 2004

   Happy All Saints Day!
So, Katie's being a really bad girl today. She purposely, conciously skipped her Spanish class!!! O.O Oh no!!! ^_^ yeah, she's evil like that. actually, this is only the second time I've skipped a class since the beginning of the semester. I think I'm doing pretty well. ^_~
Anyway, Happy All Saints Day! We had a nice all school Mass up in the Abbey. super cool. However, I had a difficult time keeping a straight face during the final hymn. It's our "Alma Mater". *rolls eyes* Basically, it's a church hymn in which we refer to the river next to the school, our mascot, and academics. I'm sorry, but I find that totally lame! I mean, COME ON! *shakes head* Oh well. It's really not that bad, just a little cheesy. *rolls eyes*
Did everyone have a cool Halloween? I did most of my celebrating on Saturday since that was our homecoming dance, comstume party all the way. I went as MJ from Spiderman. I found this hideous salmon-colored diner dress which worked perfectly when combined w/ a little white apron and a khaki trenchcoat. A lot of ppl thought I was a housewife, but when I told them who I was supposed to be, they were always like, "Oh! I see it now! OMG!! You look so much like her!!"
I should send you a picture, Niko. I'm sure you'd appreciate it. ^_^
Well, now Katie's gonna do something constructive...like finish writing an email to Recca!!! ^_^
*passes out Thin Mints* So yummy!!!

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