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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   posty, posty, posty, posty...guess what? It's POSTY TIME!!!!!
So anyway, I have missed you guys. Will be away for a while next week so will probably not be able to get to your sites next week. I tried to get to some of your sites today so if I don't get to yours today, I apologize.

So on Tuesday was Tangertine's birthday! WOOHOO!!! That was fun! Glad you liked the card!

Well, i think that's about it.n Oh yeah, I was thinking I might give up on Beef. Yes I know, it is kinda depressing but I doubt anything is going to go on with us so I should just let him go...let him go to that bitch of a girl...*sighs*...OMG the funniest thing happened. My parents were interrogating me about Beef and asked whether I had a crush on someone and I said No which they took as yes and then my dad asked me whether he was white. Can you believe that? I said that that was such a racist question! And it is!

But yeah i was kinda down about that whole "Let's give up on Beef" thing. Some of the lyrics from this song I was listening to helped me decide. Yep I know it's kinda cheesy but I am cheesys so there.

Well anyway talk to you all later!


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