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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Scary word, isn't it?
It is possible that because of this word, I haven't been online for a while. It is possible, that because of this word, I would fail in school. And it is possible, that because of this word, I would have to drop out of school and start home schooling.

Micropsia is commonly known as the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. It's a terrible headache, accompanied by distorted vision. When I look at things, I see monsters and talking chairs, melting rooms and smaller fingers, Enlarged heads and even demons.

I've been sick with AIWS, or at least, that;s what my mom thinks, we're not really sure. Nevertheless, all of the 6 doctors--a neurologist, an ENT doctor, and Ophthalmologist, a pediatrician and two school doctors--were all baffled. They are still ot sure what sickness this is. And, sadly, next week is our examinations. And i haven't been going to school in about 3 weeks, on and off.

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