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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm really sorry to everyone for not being able to post in a while. I bid good luck to all those who have their final exams coming up and to those who have mountains of school work to finish.

Anyway, I'm currently wrapped up in the whole Lemony Snciket thing. to those who have a couple of books written by Lemony Snicket, would you PLEASE pm me!!

Anyway, this morning, the lights were out. there was a brown out. So, since it was SO warm here, I made a mini-fan out of my brother's old broken toy car. It worked. But, as it was finished, the electricity came back on. So, there was no use for the invention anymore. So, I just changed the invention and configured it into some kind of tickle machine. Ha ha. It worked too but we didn't have that much fun with it. No reason really. So, we put all materials back in storage.

1. Do you have any book written by Lemony Snicket?
-just two. TMM and TAA
2. If you were a cactus, why?
-Because I'll be more useful as a cactus than a human.
3. What did you do last Friday the thirteenth? What do you plan on the next one in July?
-I went online from 12 am to 8 am. I'm gonna watch the premiere of HP5: Order of the Phoenix. But, that's just a plan. That isn't going to happen to me.

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