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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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euses1 (12/17/06)

Oh my gosh, ur site is awesome!!!!!!!XD *faints* I can't express my feelings 4 it cuz its beyond wonderful!!! *faints again* Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!! XD *faints another time* .... This is to good 2 be tru! Pls. sign my gb, I really-- no I'd totally luv that! *how many times is it possible 4 1 person 2 faint?* Oh my gosh, I'm totally gonna add u! *faster than the speed of light like super man!* *wears little brother's super man cape* (you: who in the world is this person, is she...?) (me: hey, no I am not, I'm just childish at times... *pouts*) I hope that's alright! My site is like the smallest atom in the world compared to urs which is like the universe! I still can't believe it!*I'm too tired 2 faint anymore*

you: soon enough she's gonna get a heart attack... O_o
me: hey! I'm still alive ya' know. I still got more than 80 years ahead of me!... XP

Well u can visit my site (well, of course u would if u were going 2 sign my gb, silly me... @_@), although it's pretty bland. Well, bye!!!!!!! Ur site is soooo awesome!!! XDDDDDD

EternalParadise (12/13/06)

Wow ambitious muchh??


Halloo!!!! I really like your site! Soo cool!!!!! You must be very very smart! :) HTML is so confusing for me! Partly because maybe..I'm just too lazy to even try learning!!!!
Your achievemnts are amazing too!! ^_^ That's right! You go gal!!!!!

And good luck with being a scientist! Your future is set! :)

Anyways I hope we can become friends.. Yesh that would be nice^^;;
And don't worry I won't add you till you add me!

Ja ne!!!

Magnus Lensherr (12/10/06)


Man oh man i love the layout you have for your site! It looks so much liek it should be a proper professional site! I adore it! Fantastic work you are certainly someone with an amazing grasp of HTML ~ Looks envious ~ Way to go!

Your so smart as well ~ Loks at your achievements ~ I would love to be able to list such things as that but in my life i dont really think ive ever done so well overall in any subject! Fantastic work ^_^

I wish you much luck withy our goals ~ Nods ~Especially becomign a scientist ~ Grins ~ Could make you famous that! Wow ~ Tries to imagine some of the things a personwith your intellect could create and come sup blank ~ Damn i think you have to have your intellect to come upw ith uch things!

~ Laughs and hugs ~ You seem like a fantastic perosn so i hope we can be friends and ill see youa round!

World Domination is Only The Beginning

lonegirl (12/09/06)

jeez, im new in here! and i want some help with my profile! >_<

midnightqueen (12/08/06)

I'd love to be friends!!!!!! I'll add you right now!!!!! And yes, I love taking quizzes!!!!!

Forgotten-Heart (12/03/06)

Hey, just wanted to visit your site and say hi. (It's a really cool site by the way) And thanks for all of the comments and such on my site, you're so sweet. ^^ Anyways, adding you as a friend!

~ Koki

Shelby oftheSand (12/03/06)

oh my goodness i love your site! ^_^ its very unique! ^_^ I'm adding you as a friend! I love how you've done your site! Very interesting! ^_^ §helby ofthe§and

Broken Hearted (11/20/06)

hey thanks for stoppin by! WOW! I LOVE UR SITE! ITS SOOOO COOL! ty for the lil poem u mind if i put it up to show mu appriciation! ^_^ lets be friends! ^.~

sakura-star (11/20/06)

Hey there~
Thanks for signing in my gb! Yeah I know, I just HATE those kind of jerks, I'm pretty sure ur not ^^

Yeah, Hong Kong is a city in China, but Hong Kong people like to think of it as a country :P make us feel better XDD

OH WOW!! I love ur site, I mean, it love so different from the typical sites I visit, somehow...

Oh and Yuuki...:P I'm just featuring him at the moment, I was featuring something else last time, I change it about every 2 months ^^


scarlet melody (11/16/06)

Hi hi! Your site is so cool! I'm falling in love with the glitter effects, the layout, the picture and everything about it. ^^
Hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend.

~Ja ne!

~Princess Ashelia O.o

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