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Friday, February 22, 2008

Time: 9:10 PM
Mood: Turkey balls.
Music: My United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch
Subject: Ehh..Whatever

Geez, haven't been here for quite a while huh? I've been warped in other things: school, kyute things, manga/anime, and being a lazy buttmunch.

Snow finally got to us dirty Jersey and caused a SNOW DAY. Honestly I totally did not expect that. I thought we'll just get the usual inch or so, and then all melts later on. Guess I was wrong. Although it'll take a day off from our Spring Break, I'm relieved that school was closed. I barely touched, let alone glanced at my notes for upcoming tests/quizzes.

One last midterm to go-Biology. Ugh. The teacher is unbelievably selective and judgmental it's disgusting. She's those types who'll pick certain individuals on the spotlight for the littlest things. Her detention list is outrageously long, it's ridiculous. Y'know, if I was a teacher, I would hate staying after school with those turds. I would never waste my valuable time with somebody I have issues with.

Oh gosh. In Public Speaking, this guy delivered a wonderful speech. During his feedback, he got his ABC gum that was behind on his left ear and continued chomping on it, as if it was NOTHING! Jesus, I never thought a person would do such a nasty act in front of a class in Public Speaking classfor Pete’s sake! BLECH! A little later, another girl performed an equally disgusting scene. Before her speech started, she held on to her gum and kept it in between her pretty manicured nails. That just reminded me of that girl in Clueless…

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time: 11:51 AM
Mood: Starving!
Music: Automatic by Elize
Subject: Happy holidays

Duuuuuuuuude! My eleven year old brother is just as tall as me! Gloomily standing at five foot two, my lil brother is mere centimeters from being the same exact height as me! Gaahh! (T_T) In a couple years or months(Dear Lord!) he'll be hovering over me tauntingly. I think I'm going to resort to heels from now on. Well, that's going to be in my New Years Resolution list.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Time: 1:47 PM
Mood: Sleepy
Music: Interceptor by Christopher Lawrence
Subject: Tongue Twisters & Turkey Day weekend

Public Speaking is too cool to describe. So far, we did a couple of major presentations and tons of minor ones. Another critical speech is coming up soon, I think a little after Thanksgiving break. But, a while ago, we did tongue twister poems, articulation and enunciation exercises. Too hilarious. Here's several for your jaw liking.

"Beetle, bittle, baytle, bettle, bottle, bootle, bertle, beetle, buttle, beetle, bittle, baytle, bettle, battle, bottle, bootle, bertle, buttle."

"Synonym. Cinnamon"

"Chew ink. Chew zinc. Choose ink. Choose zinc."

"Moses supposes his toeses are roses. But Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, he knowes his toeses aren't roses. As Moses supposes his toeses to be."

Simple bento yet again. Salami sandwich, grapes, Sun chips, and wheat flavored polvoron.

So we set up and decorated the Christmas Tree. Besides almost stepping on a bunch of fragile ornaments, it went pretty well. Putting up humongous ribbons in the tree was the most stressful one, but we got it eventually. Oh yeah! My mom, Kate, and I went shopping on Black Friday. We went there around five in the morning and came back around noonish. It wasn't so bad. I just stayed in the isolated areas to avoid the angry shoppers. So scary >__>

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Time: 9:36 AM
Mood: Determined
Music: Headstrong by Trapt
Subject: Still breathing =D

Whoa, it's November already? Man, this one week Fall break is so relaxing, it's too hard to keep track of time. No, I kid, I kid. I've been working on four 22x28 inch poster boards as a visual aid for my English presentation. Ms.Hardcore has a super high standard for her students, it's hard to believe she's not teaching AP (@_@)

So, in between working on my poster boards, I've been buying loads of cute items from Morning Glory. I'm soooo overjoyed that I got a IloveEgg cellphone accessory I got the Lion (^0^)v
I wanted to collect all eight, but they only had it for a limited time. So depressing. My collection of San-x and Sanrio merchandises is growing. Look at your eyeballs at this(*Bawahaha, I lubb Jumba<3). That's only part one. The other half I left in my locker and somewhere lost in my room. If I included my sister's stuff...d(^v^)b

Besides that, I've been watching the Food Network lately for new ideas/recipes/tips so I can think of new ways for preparing my bento box. Below is just a quick example what I whip up daily. Nothing too fancy since I barely have any culinary tools. So sad. I'll get 'em eventually! (T^T)
Dinosaur salami sandwich, cucumbers, pre-cut Romania lettuce, carrots, roast beef, rice, and Danish cookies.

Alrighty. I've finished watching Kyo Kara Maoh!, reading Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, loving I's Pure, yearning for more NANA, satisfied with Lovely Complex, depressed over Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and Ookiku Furikabutte is probably the only sport anime I'll ever watch.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Time: 2:10 AM
Mood: Annoyed
Music: Butchering Kate
Subject: Back?...@__@

Whoa, I'm surprised at myself that I haven't been here in a while. Man, where do I start?...

Cancun, Mexico was enjoyable. Gorge myself with lots of sweets. Scuba diving was such a blast. The water is so much cleaner than dirty Jersey. Aaaannd, I'm darker than before =O

My baby Pancakes is getting bigger and quicker! She climbs the stairs faster than me(at a normal pace). So sad. Oh! I've been introducing new foods to her, apples are her favorite. She'd been so sneaky that she stole several bites out of Kate's half bitten apple. *Sniggers*

Ms. I-love-making-you-squirm-in-your-seats' grading policy is ridiculous. I'm so gonna bomb English this year.

Family room and living room are redone. We just need new curtains for the dining room, some decorations in the kitchen, maybe a new toilet seat for the bathroom, and the whole first floor will be all set!

Oh! I went apple picking not too long ago. The corn maze is too hilarious, my friend knocked down some to make her own exit. *Guffaws*
I can't wait to go strawberry picking now =D

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time: 2:10 AM
Mood: Quite pleased
Music: Cars by Fear Factory
Subject: The monster is here!

My guinea pig Pancakes is feeling hormonal lately. She keeps on motorboating(making rumbling noises), so depressing. I can not even touch her. I wish I could get her a friend or a Mister Pancakes. She's sooo lonely ;___;

Whoops. Almost forgot. My sister ParanoidPerson joined not to long ago. She had an account before, so she knows the whole system and whatnots. Some of you might actually remember her before, soooo warm welcomes are just dandy =D

Doood. There's this game, Granny in Paradise, weird game. A speedy grandmother(which makes me look slow in comparison!) rescuing cats and digging holes to avoid deranged Tikiman from pummeling you senseless. So crazy @__@

Today's just a quickie. Details about loads of crap next time.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time: 9:01 AM
Mood: Surprisingly accomplished
Music: Artificial Flowers by Bobby Darin
Subject: Tampax Cardboard doesn't sound fun

My mind is a bit off these days. I just realized I'm turning 16 next year. I mean, I knew that wacko number is looming over me and all, but I still feel like a twelve year old who collects bugs in a shoe box and forgets about them until they die.

I guess the rain is making feel a tad bit nostalgic. When I was in first grade, I used neon erasers tops as dolls and school supplies as their furnitures. Then second grade came, the entire class and I gave dandelions placed it on the teacher's table as her birthday gift. I felt rather foolish to learn that they were weeds later on. Then again, she wasn't cool in my book. So guilt never stop by once =D

Speaking of teachers, I remembered my loony kindergarten teacher. We had to do this crazy ass "science" experiment. That old hag made us drink salt water (telling the difference between regular and ocean water)! Either you pass or you fail. We'd all complied. But it's okay. A friend and I always drew pictures of her getting eaten by hordes of Aerodactyls XD

Stepping out of memory lane, my dad's not coming to Mexico with us. Mostly, he and my friend's dad doesn't want to be with a bunch of giddy, ditzy women and my godfather. *Guffaws* My dad is such a homophobic asshole, he stays away from my godfather because he believes he's such a pansy. HA! Now that's a real laugh. Nah, but seriously, he's not a sissy, just a greedy bastard who owns five pricey laptops for no god damn reason. Ugh, the ugly oaf actually thinks he can sing. My ears bleed when he opens his mouth to Kelly Clarkson and Akon.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time: 12:52 PM
Mood: Exhausted, sore
Music: Tiny, plump toes wailing
Subject: Severe weather and aching feet

We were stuck in Supercuts for a while 'till the storm died out. It was pretty harsh, but we still had to buy our shoes for an early back to school shopping trip. For me, school starts around the fourth or the fifth, and since we're going to Cancun,Mexico(I finally found out!) during the last week of August, so we're started packing and such. This whole week we'll be picking up anything we're missing along with school supplies if needed. Blech, my poor feet ToT

Sisters join forces =O

Watch out for that. It's coming soon ;3

I'll put more thought into my next blurbs whenever. My feet and calves are throbbing ;__;

P.S. Pssst! Charlotte if you're reading this, your late birthday gift is all wrapped up now :D

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Time: 9:02 AM
Mood: Damp, flushed
Music: Lisa Lampanelli's angelic voice
Subject: A naked, clean bed sheet

Kate got so fed up with the lint balls, she got a razor and shaved them off. I don't know about you, but those little fuzz balls don’t really bother me. Once I crash out, I sleep like a log. Other than my parents’ loud, obnoxious arguments, the faintest noises always irk me. Compared to loud rapping knocking, a toilet being flushed wakes me up XD

Yuck. It's so fucking hot and humid in here. The time when I'm actually up for drawing, my back is sticking to the wall. Gawd, both my pits, knees and arms, are like a freaking waterfall here. Siiiiiickkkk D:

Although, last week or sometime ago, I'd updated my fanart section. I'd combined old drawings with new ones; Kate outlined them because I suck at that. I'm waaaay too sketchy and I draw too light.

Anime. Let's see, finally finished Ghost Hunt. Man, oh man, I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm deathly afraid of anything that falls into horror section. Anything that's remotely scary I'll scream. *Shudders* Especially 'em Japanese ones. I have no idea what possessed me[gross, I'm even talking the lingo] to watch Ghost Hunt so don't ask. Speaking of Japanese films, I was with Ryan and Kate getting some bubble tea. Out of all days, they had to watch a gruesome, blood-splattering movie while we were there. Shit, my knees were buckling, my lips were trembling, and Ryan laughed at my misfortune. Bitch.

Whatever. All that icky crap won’t bring me down. BECAUSE I’M GETTING A ,MP3! =D

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time: 7:17 PM
Music: Dead skin cells falling
Subject: Parents and neighbors

Okaaaaaaaay. This is weird. My next door neighbor was so anal about "invading their property size" (literally an inch, a freaking inch or so for Christ's sake) that they were about to take my parents to court. It's stupid for lack of terms right now. They are about to move and they still had chosen to sic the cops on us (Of course, it hadn't really affected us, the police was in our side). So after God knows how long, they had finally apologize and killing each other throats phase stop as well.

Sure, it's all over, but still. They made my parents go through so much fucking ridiculous shit it's not even funny: bought fences, copied our house's property documents, and actually threatened us to go to court. Gawd, so much for a "quiet" neighborhood in the suburbs.

Ugh, we got people street racing every now and then. A person down the street known for grand theft auto. And morons breaking down fences and exploding mailboxes for fun.

On the plus side, I finished watching the first season of NANA :D

Mexico trip: August sixth through September first! :O


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