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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hiya everyone!~ after a harsh downpour of rain for but a few moments, the sun is peeking out from the clouds again ^^

I'm drawing a picture right now and I just remembered something. The piccy I'm drawing right now was inspired by CLAMP. And strangely enough, it's been a REALLY long time since I've felt this inspired...really, it has.

So I went to the Fan Words section and felt like browsing some articles to read. It was a random urge, I know, but it felt like there was something I had to look for. Something that would match up to this random surge of inspiration I've had lately with this picture.

And I found it.


I know it may seem ridiculous to some of you that I had that introduction for an article that I didn't even write, but I think that article was what I was looking for.
It really reminded me of what theOtaku was like way back when. Version Vibrant is almost stuck with us now, it's almost like, for some people, the old theOtaku never existed.
But there's still a part of me that really misses the old theOtaku somewhere. And that article helped me figure out what it was.

I'm hoping that one day we can somehow bring the old theOtaku back. And remember what it was like to feel inspired, even if it was for the sake of competition.
Or maybe we were inspired by other things too. Making others feel happy, or maybe trying to inspire other people ourselves. Or hoping to, anyway.

But you know, sometimes it's that one comment that could change your outlook on everything. Even if it's a sentence long, something like "I've been watching your work and you've inspired me to work harder!" can give someone a whole new reason to draw or strive for something they want to achieve.

I guess only a little part of that remains nowadays in the hearts of some people. Or maybe not...there's no way for me to really know.

But I'm drawing with more energy and passion than I have in a while with a smile on my face. Reminiscing does that to a person sometimes, huh?

Take care everyone~

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