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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Special Mini myOtaku post!~
Hiya everyone!!~ I'm a little slow on the updating here, but I thought I'd post here because I wanted to say a few pretty special things for me~(before I go on to apologize for being a little dead for the past few days T___T)

First off, I've been here for over 2 years!! YEAH! ^^ My Otakuversarry was on October 24th~ ^^ So I've officially been here for more than 2 years!!~
A special mention to some of my REALLY old friends that have stuck by me all along the way~
Sora Hanaki
Fire Fox Sakurie
Innocent Heart

The people up there that I've mentioned have known me pretty much the entire time I've been on here =P Especially Sora Hanaki, my first friend on myOtaku that has still stuck with me on here<3 And she was also the first person I had an art trade with~
Sayoko-chan(RSRKingdomstars), Sakurie-chan(Fire Fox Sakurie) and Ima-chan(FUNimation) are also really awesome long-time friends of mine and you guys I love you all soo much!<3
To the others on the above list(Kittycat-chan, Hikarumi-chan, Innocent-chan, Elena-chan, Cherri-chan, Kazusa-chan, Kasa-chan, Pudding-chan, Wolfie-chan and Sam-kun(my awesomeness friend from maple since September 2006~)) thank you all for being there!
And to all of you guys that are my friends now, know that I love you sooooooooooo sooooo much too!!!~ ^^ Even if you haven't known me for very long, know that I appreciate you soo much for being my friend and being there for me! *super hugs you all*(Don't kill me if I didn't put your name on the list T__T I love you all very much!)

I've also reached 1000+ COMMENTS!!!(FINALLY with my slow commenting self xDD) So congrats to Ima-chan for receiving my 1000th comment(I'll get Roxas over here or something xD)~!

FINALLY to end this post, sorry sorry sorry for not being on to comment T__T Usually I just have time for pms, and that's pretty much it, or I'm lazy T__T *whacks self*
I also had a piano recital on Saturday which went FANTASTIC~ and yesterday I watched 2 movies(Nights in Rodanthe and Eagle Eye<33) and played golf yesterday so I was out for something like 9 hours =P
Anyways, I'll finish this up now! And art is coming soon ^^ Take care everyone~

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday finally!!~and birthday October 14th!
Hiya everyone! It's been about a week since I wrote everyone gomen ne! ^^:; but hey, I'm here!! And finally with a life! =P Again xD

So this week passed by fast, but it was pretty tough! I had a match that went until 11pm yesterday but we won against BOTH teams which was absolutely great!!~ ^^

Anyways, it'll be my birthday in less than 2 weeks, so for you guys that wanted to know, I'm telling you now~ =P I'm really excited to finally turn 15~ but unfortunately I can't get my permit because my sister got hers late when she was my age xD but I'm in no rush~!
My parents and my sister asked me what I wanted as gifts and I just can't decide~! I really am thinking about something expensive(example: Wii or PSP for Crisis Core xDD)! I'm such a weirdo =P
I don't know, I'll have to think about it ^^: I'm not too good with accepting gifts xD

I'm watching Final Fantasy Advent Children (AGAIN!!!) but this time in Japanese so I can help improve my skills ^^; it's difficult but I'm getting better at listening to it =P

In art news I'm going to continue my set further probably this weekend and post up some art~! =P And also I'm pretty close to getting everything I need to draw done so I can FINALLY start on my manga soon YAY!~

By the way, thankies sooo much Sora-chan for the lovely gift I absolutely ADORE IT! ^^

Well anyways~ I'm going to catch up on pms/commenting this weekend, so I'll see you all around on the site! Take care everyone I love you guys so much!<3

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

FINALLY MY LIFE BACK (and a tag thing Ima-chan forced me to do)
As the title says! FINALLY I can have a life! @__@ This week my daily routine was school, golf, homework, eat, sleep. That's ALL I had time to do SERIOUSLY -__-X
So I'm working on a new piccy of a bunch of Riiyas =P I've started coloring today and I'm hoping to submit either this weekend or sometime next weekend ^^

Anyways~ it's a more unimportant post =P Tagged by Ima-chan and several others, but I think I'll just do this one =P

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!


1. Riiya Kawazoe
2. Razrael Heikou

1) How old are you?

Riiya: 14 ^^
Razrael: Who wants to know...

2) Height?

Riiya: Um...good question ^^:
Razrael: I guess tall.

3) Got any bad habits??

Riiya: No not really...*sits down on log and thinks*
Razrael: Actually, yes. *ignores question*

4) You a virgin?

Riiya: ...what's a virgin? *is clueless*
Razrael: Take note of my age, idiot *whacks*

5) Who's your mate/spouse?

Riiya: There aren't even any people where I'm from...
Razrael: Not looking for one.

6) Have Any Kids?


7) Favorite Food?

Riiya: Berries~ ^^
Razrael: Sorry, not into eating much. Anything.

8) Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Riiya: I don't think I've ever had ice cream...*thinks*
Razrael: Hm. *ignores question*

9) Killed anyone?

Riiya: NO WAY!! 0___o
Razrael: I don't know.

10) Hate anyone?

Riiya: Not yet anyway 0__o
Razrael: That face...but...I can't remember his name.

11) Any Secrets?

Riiya: None I'd tell! ^^ *giggles*
Razrael: Plenty.
(geez Razrael is sooo boring LOL)

12) Love Anyone?

Riiya: *blushes and shakes head*
Razrael: No.

13) TACOS?

Riiya: What's a...taco..? ^^;
Razrael: No. *continues training*

14) Ever slept in All day?

Riiya: Of course not! There's just too much to do! ^^
Razrael: I'm busy with other things, not enough time.

15) Eye color?

Riiya: Brown~ but Sakurie-chan says chocolate brown...oh well, same thing I guess! ^^
Razrael: Why do you care?

16) Skin?

Riiya: There are other skin colors besides mine? *is clueless yet again*
Razrael: *ignores question yet again*

17) Fat/Average/Slim?

Riiya: I don't eat as much honey as Pooh so I guess you can say I'm average?
Razrael: Do I LOOK fat to you?

18) Rain, sunshine?

Riiya: Sunshine of course~ but rain is always nice to think about things ^^
Razrael: Rain. It seems to have more meaning than just light.

19) Pool, Beach?

Riiya: I've never been to either ^^:
Razrael: Neither have I.

20) Camping, staying home?

Riiya: Camping~ ^^ I have more fun that way!
Razrael: It depends where it is I am.
Me: Razrael can't you be at least a BIT more talkative? -__-
Razrael: *whacks me*

21) Dog, Cat?

Riiya: All animals! ^^ *nods*
Razrael: Dogs, of course.

22) Believe in aliens?

Riiya: After what I've seen, I guess I can believe almost anything 0__o
Razrael: Sure(whatever those are).

23) Natural Born, or Clone?

Riiya: Natural born I'm sure! ^^
Razrael: I guess natural born...although..I have no memory of where I came from.

24) Car or Ship..?

Riiya: Either I guess! But running is best for me! ^^
Razrael: I'll walk, if that's alright.

25) Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?

Riiya: Not that I know of..*thinks*
Razrael: Actually once, yes.

26) Any Unusual Things about you?

Riiya: Um...I grew up in the Hundred Acre Wood and I can wield this..um..thing? *takes out weapon*
Razrael: I'm from somewhere else, I just can't remember where.

27) Favorite Place?

Riiya: Anywhere I am with my friends ^^ Yes, that includes you, Razrael.
Razrael: Alone, but sometimes having someone around does help me.

28) Things most precious to you?(added question by me~ ^^)

Riiya: My friends and my family..even though I don't know who they are....my charm which I've had all my life and um...*blushes and turns away*
Razrael: Hm.
Me: And when Razrael says "Hm." he means his friends right? ^^
Razrael: Shut it. *whacks me*


Take care everyone~

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looonnnnggg match...
Like, the LONGEST EVER....
it was in Jacksonville(a 2 hour drive from here 0__o) and we had a match against Middleburg...
I played with an AMAZING player but there were 2 other girls on the team that were like total FREAKS(would use a stronger word, but I won't in this case)...they apparently traumatized our team captain and our incredible freshman player because the other 2 girls's attitudes were so rotten and violent 0___o
But we won~

Anyways, on to a proper introduction!
So it's been a while everyone since I wrote a myOtaku post! ^^: How have you all been? Well I hope? ^^

As usual, I'm loaded with homework and all of the other uneventful things of the day =P I'm working on a new piccy of Riiya that I'll try and hopefully post this weekend and then my art trade with Sakurie-chan and THE REVOLUTION PICCY!!~ ^^(which, by the way, I still recommend you join~ =P Draw a bunch of KH OCs in a group piccy is all~)

By the way, I've never really thanked all of you guys, you are the bestest friends ever each and every one of you! ^^ *super huggles you all* Sometimes I don't think I could make it through the day unless I knew you guys were here =P So I love you guys bunches don't forget it!
WHOA it is LATE! I'll write a more interesting post hopefully sometime soon this week =P Take care everyone!!~ ^^

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Race to the finish!

Hiya everyone!!~ ^^ We won our match yesterday and it went FANTASTIC yet again it was at our home course and I shot 46 yay!!~

Oh and I'm posting up the piccy thumbnail again in case some of you didn't see it =P because Ima-chan and Pudding-chan said they'd do some VERY interesting things if this piccy got less than 30 hugs and well..it only has 23 LOL!

Anyways, right now I'm studying my japanese(learning a few basic words today and practicing my katakana ^^:)~ so yeah it's going pretty well =P I've been watching Final Fantasty VII Advent Children in japanese to help me practice ^^ *loves Cloud*
So today I had a history test but it actually turned out to be pretty easy 0___o but tomorrow is going to be a tough week I have 2 matches and one is with BUCCHOLZ @___@
Wow what an uneventful post xD I'll be sure to try and get in time for drawing this weekend ^^ Take care everyone~

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

New piccy up!!~

My half of the art trade with Sora-chan!!~ And I'm sooo happy you love it Sora-chan that's all I wanted! ^^
So yeah everyone go and take a look if you haven't seen it!!~

MAN I've got LOADS of homework and I'm sure you all do too ^^: but anyways~ since I've got a bit to finish up...
I wuv you guys soooo much!! Take care! ^^

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spring forth!~ Time for the Revolution to begin!
Hiya everyone!!~ This is going to be a short post but basically...
Join the Revolution!! =P
I've mentioned this once in my post before, and basically the revolution is to draw a group piccy of KH OCs!~ After I finish these art trades I'm going to start mine =P

But simply put, DRAW A BUNCH OF KH OCs AS PART OF THE REVOLUTION AND SPREAD THE WORD! ^^ So that we may have tons of group piccys all over theOtaku!~ I think it'll be fantastic to see all of them!
So here's my turn to spread the word after I talked about it with Sora-chan and Wolfie-chan~
And the list of KH OCs I know of...I don't know if I'll be able to do all of them I might only pick a few(don't be mad if I don't draw yours please T__T I'll try and do what I can to get yours in kk?) but anyways here's the ones I know...the ones I'm going to do exactly I'm not sure:

Riiya- aragorn1014
Kotori- Sora Hanaki
Neveah- iKarebear
Sakurie- Fire Fox Sakurie
Rei- FUNimation
Sayoko- RSRkingdomstars
Rika- Cherryshock
Elena- Sefaa3
Takari- KeybladeMewKasa
Taiyou- Hikarumi
Summer- khismylife
Faith- mewmewfaith
Hikari- animegirly2
Psyke- Panda Pants
Kiyoko- Fire.Freak
May- Kazusa
Lucy- DetectiveDiva18
Roxine- Smartanimegirl
Roxy/Criss- Sonnyparadisewish
Komaru- MewMewPudding
Naomi- Harvestmoonluvr
Rumei- Jigoku Sakura
Misha- Kokoii-Matoku
Hikari- Timbermoonkiss
Yoru- Tenshihoshino

WHOA that list is WAAAAYYY too long I am definitely NOT going to draw all of those 0___o over time maybe but not for the revolution piccy(s) @___@
And if I forgot your OC let me know~
I'll probably pick maybe 5 or 6 for the first piccy I'm not sure...
But!!~ Spread the word and I hope you join! =P
Take care you guys ^^

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

*laughing and crying tears of joy*
Today was the most amazing day of my life.

It might sound a little bit weird to some of you, but it was. And I got so emotional, I actually CRIED about it.

So today was the Eastside-Buccholz match for Varsity at our home course, Ironwood. And for the past 8 years the golf team existed we have NEVER beat Buccholz or even come CLOSE.
Well today that changed.
We didn't beat them, no, if that's what you're thinking =P
BUT it was so crazy because...
we TIED with them.
EXACTLY, I mean SERIOUSLY, EVERY SINGLE NUMBER CANCELLED OUT! And not just for the top 4 scores, for ALL 6 it cancelled out!!
Here's the scores(lowest are best):

EHS(my school, from least to greatest):


And I was Number 1...with the best score of 43!!
No one has EVER gotten less than 47 at Ironwood EVER!
And I matched up for the first time with their #1 player, by 1 stroke.
I got so emotional when I saw the score, because that wasn't the end of it.
When two teams tie, we have to do this thing called a playoff, and basically the #1 players on both teams will play exactly 1 HOLE and whoever gets the best score wins the WHOLE match.
Excited? Yes. Pressure? OH YEAH. But did I care? No. Why? Because I was the first person to EVER match up with their #1 player. And the WHOLE TEAM did great. We all did the best we've EVER done at Ironwood, and I'm so proud of my teammates! ^^

Well, since this was the first time ever for EHS to have a playoff with any school(Especially BHS OMG!), I of course didn't do well and I lost against their #1 by 2 strokes at the playoffs.
Not that my teammates really cared, because they were so proud of me already as it was.
I don't think I could have ever felt happier. The moment when both Nicole(BHS's #1) and my golf balls landed in the hole at the end of that playoff, all of my teammates rushed out to hug me and told me how proud of me they were.
I just got so emotional, I couldn't hold it in and I cried. Not from losing the match, but from being able to be the one to make history for the first time.
And I don't know if you guys know what it feels like when your team truly feels together, but today we finally became a team, and that was the best part.
We lost, yeah, but SO much came out of it in return! And now all of us realize that we DO have a chance to beat BHS, we shouldn't let it pass us by!(And it was also sad because since we lost by 1 STROKE since we tied, some of the team members were like "MAN if I had done just ONE stroke better we could have won!" and no one was bashing me because I had gotten the best score...so I felt really bad.)
But even so, I don't think I've ever felt so happy in my life than I was in that moment every one of my teammates came to hug me and we came together as a team.

This turned into a HUGE rant but just so you know why I'm so happy, this is it ^^
And we've got one more match against BHS, and it's our final chance to beat them.
And we're ready ^^

Take care everyone~ ^^ If you read that whole thing here's a hug for you *hugs*

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And a new day begins!
Hiya everyone!!~ ^^ It's 7:20am but hey I've got time =P So I thought I'd write a post about my past few days ^^

Well first off, in golf news after playing #3 on Monday's match at Turkey Creek I'm back to my #1 spot on the team ^^ So I played #1 yesterday and even though we lost the match at Ironwood yesterday(but we DID win Monday's which was good =P) I'm still at the top of my game which is absolutely fantastic ^^

In art news, I HATE my art class(well not hate..that's a bit strong of a word...how about highly dislike to a very large degree...)! The teacher assigns work and is like "have it sometime next week...and it's like we all work like crazy on it and he doesn't even talk about it what the heck? So I ask him if we need to turn it in and he's like "no, just make sure you have it by next week" AGAIN. And we do NOTHING in his class which can be great and all but when you don't know what you're doing it's not exactly the greatest feeling *sighs*

But in OTHER, more HAPPY art news I'm working on my art trade with Sora-chan and it's going absolutely GREAT I love it to DEATH! ^^ It's a CG piccy and I think I've improved quite a bit..maybe not that much but improvement doesn't exactly come overnight so I'm not worried =P
And Sora-chan thankies so much for your half of the art trade and that piccy of Cloud(squee~)!
I'll be getting to other art trades/piccys and such in my free time! But I've got a match on Thursday so it's going to be busy this week 0__o

Oh and for those that asked when my birthday was(and apparently I probably need to post this up on my World too...) it's October 14th so you know ^^
Wow another spanish test today sheesh...we just had one on Monday AND yesterday...and we have another one coming on Friday @__@ LOADS of homework but since it's just practice today I think I might be able to get some extra work done and more time in for drawing yay! ^^

OH and ONE MORE THING! There is a revolution in the making and it has BEGUN! Sora-chan, Wolfie-chan and I thought that it'd be interesting to start a revolution where a person could draw a group piccy of KH OCs(don't put like 100...just however many you'd like =P) and post! ^^ Ima-chan and Hikarumi-chan are also in on it! So anyone that wants to join the revolution, go for it!

Anyways it's time for me to get ready for school! So take care everyone, and let me know how you're doing! ^^

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

^^ A great saturday~
Hiya everyone!! ^^
So I watched Advent Children twice already(and my neighbor Chris and his friends want to watch it with me so I'm going to be watching it for a third time LOL)! And it was AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!! THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! ^^ I'm like obsessed with it and Cloud <333333
=P I know I know I'm weird ^^: but then again being normal is overrated =P
Moving on~ ^^
I FINALLY FINALLY FINISHED THAT COMMISSION! It is out of my way FOREVAH! And now I've got a HUGE to-do list that I've gotta finish but I'm SO excited to get started!! ^^

Art trades:
-Kotori and Riiya: Sora Hanaki
-Sakurie and Riku/Riiya and Sakurie: Fire Fox Sakurie
(I feel like I'm forgetting something else...man..)

-Rika and Riiya: Cherryshock(I am NOT TAKING REQUESTS, I'm only doing this special one for Cherri-chan because she did a request for me)

-Giftie piccy for Innocent Heart

The others I'll get around to in my free time ^^
For now I'm practically obsessed with Cloud and FF7 Advent Children =P
Take care everyone~ ^^ Let me know how you're doing in a pm or two!

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