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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well I got out of the Coliseum... Cloud totally p*owned me...It was terrible. But I did make it past Cerberus without dying!!! Which DR22 and Ishtar say is not so hard... It certainly felt hard!!!

I'm in the jungle now and It's hard to play because much like wonderland the cg makes me sick... It's horrendous, I had to pause and go in the other room, of course kipp was playing his 360 and his game made me sick as well.... He made fun of me... what a loser!!!

Not that I don't love him to death but it isn't funny!!! I was soooo sick!!!

Kipp and i are totally failing at our quest.... Seeing as how he lost his job, and how I wanna be on a day shift, we've been searching for a job but.... we can't seem to get up in time to look....Yesterday he came over and we slept until about 4pm... we must get our rears in gear or else I fear we shall very shortly have problems... Mr. I-can't-sleep-well-at-your-house...obviously didn't have problems yesterday morning and afternoon.

But we had fun anyway!!!
Love yas

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