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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memory Season 2 episode 1 "Together Again"
sorry you guys I haven't written in SUCH a long time *stuff you know*anyway here it is "Episode 1 of Season 2,Together Again"and if I find a way to put pics up of "Before and After" i will ASAP.anyway i thought of putting opening songs and ending songs okay just listen to the music and let your mind create the opening with the characters*and new ones* *Hey guys!I'm back !! THAT'S RIGHT!BRIDGET!!*croud cheers*Wow!that was awsome yet weird...anyway*Zelda interrupts*Hey y'all!What up?!*croud cheers*Oh yeah who's the awsome hot chick everyone loves!?*silence*^_^" *coughs,holds out grenade*....well?*croud errupts into cheers*that's what i thought ^_^ *Back to the story,let's leave it where we left off* *moans* Girl:are you alright? ???:Who are you? Where am I? Who am I? What happened? Girl:Don't worry I will take care of you....Yuki. Memory Opening: Bridget:wow that was a very refreshing vacation....but*wind blows* why can't I forget about him?*Images of Dice flash through her ming*No I must move on. Girl:Are you alright,Bridget-chan? Bridget:huh? oh yeah I'm fine. Shinobi:Hey Bridget!*hugs her*are you alright now? Bridget:yeah,kinda *smiles*oh this is my friend Mai, I met her on my vacation at a baseball game. Mai:I'm Mai,nice to meet you. Shinobi:nice to meet you too,Bridget what happend with you hair and clothes? Bridget:oh *touching her hair,it's short now like sakura's hair from naruto only bangs are still long*I think I needed a change. Shinobi:anyway,there is trouble!all the guys have dissapeared!Me,Zelda, and Megami have been looking everywhere,but couldn't find anything. Zelda,Megami:Hey!we checked by the waterfall and no trace....Bridget!! Bridget:Hey guys! this is my friend Mai. Zelda:Hey! Megami:What's up? Mai:Hi I'm Mai,nive to meet you. *oh and BTW(By the way)the real people who play Zelda and Neo arn't going out anymore,he's a bastard so she will have a new boyfriend from now on* Zelda:hey no need to be polite*hugs Mai* Megami:yeah Bridget's friends are our friends. Mai:okay Bridget:do you think "SHE" has anything to do with this? Mai:"SHE"? Shinobi:Candie,she takes everything she wants by using magic and we are her #1 enemies.....actually the only ones. Megami:I wonder what happened to them. Zelda:don't worry as long as there together, I'm sure nothing can happen. Bridget:well,let's go! Mai:where? Bridget:to Candie....everyone meet here in 1 hour!Mai come with me. Zelda:Wait! Bridget:what? Zelda:It's just...*smiles*it's great to have you back. Shinobi:yeah Bridget:thanks,now let's get packin'! *Bridget opens the dorr to her house after so long she was happy to be home. As she walked in suddenly her eyes filled with happy and sad tears abour all the memories in this house but mostly abou..."him"* Mai:Bridgt,are you alright? Bridget:*quickly wipes away tears*yeah*sniff*just happy to be home. *1 hour later* Shinobi:alright you guys,READY?! All:YEAH!! Bridget:let's go! *once again,let your mind put the characters into the ending and opening songs* Memory ending: SEE YOU GUYS NEXT TIME!!!!
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