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Sunday, June 24, 2007

oh man today i went to an anime convention at Utep,it was my first and it was awsome.i went with my friend Elizabeth my brother and his girlfriend and her friend.i ate kimchi ramen,saw Sora(HOT version)and got a group picture of kingdom hearts,got a picture of "No Face"from spirited away,and there was this Masquerade-thing and there was this guy who looked almost sounded and acted like jack sparow.My brother's girlfriend(apparently obessed with him)talked to him and we sheered for him and of course other characters like:kakashi,gaara,sailer scouts,Light and L from Death Note,Jack Sparow(of course)and others i don't really rememer.and there were of course judges:Luigi and Peach and two others,it was funny.and then for the final blow we all went to the keraoke-and i sang "sakura Kiss"(the opening)and people liked it.when i went to go sit down next to lizzie she told me that this(who had sung like two people away from when i was supposed to sing)said that i sounded cute when i sang.it was awsome!!and i met a BUNCH of new people i even got a phone number from one her name was Katt.man it was funny like before the kareoke thing started we all were playing with a ballon like hitting it to each other and when it was about to fall everybody went"noooooo"but then somebody popped the ballon then we used a paper box but broke so then i picked up a bottle and said"let's play with this"and my friend went"no,no,no don't throw it"but i threw it to a girl and then she threw it back and yeah.so then we would play with a paper ball and my friend suddenly got the idea to use the bottle as a bat and when she hit it i yelled"GO GO GO RUNNN!!!"and then i was up and i got two strikes but then i hit it and i ran all around the room and i went"HA YOU GUYS CAN'T DEFEAT ME!"and i ran back to my seat and yelled"HOMERUN!!" and got a high five.yeah but later on the man said not to run around so i sat on the floor trying to hide.then there was only like 10 minutes left so i let my friend sing the ending song of "wolf's rain"and me and two other girls were her backroung dancers/singers.it was funny and then we danced to the opening to "lucky Star"and then to the full dance version of the opening "the melacholy of haruhi suzumiya"what was the funny thing about this dance was the there was me and this other girl and like three guys in the back trying to dance along and one of them said "which one am i".so yeah i think that's all and i hope i can go tomorrow too because it's the last day so yeah(crossing fingers)i think the people at the kareoke liked me.oh and when someone was singing we formed a circle and "waltz"the weird thing was the these guys were filming us.and when we were backround dancers some even took pictures of us it was sooo much fun!!!we were called (by the girl who sang the ending song of Wolf's Rain)the sexy backround dancers and i was all like"oh yeah!!"and did a pose.it was sooo much fun!!!
well see you guys around.........on the internet.

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