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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Naruto Guys: Thoughts, and Love Life. (Girls only) by HeavenCondescending
Your Name
NarutoHe likes your attitude. The way you never give up! The way you like to hang in there till the very end! He isn't shy to talk to you, since you aren't the shy person. You often get conversations with him more than he with you. Lately though, he's been liking you more and more because of your teasing remarks and your never ending spirit.
SasukeHe dislikes fan girls, but the moment he laid eyes on you he tended to show off more. Especially when you, Naruto, and he were on a mission. He liked competition between Naruto, but wanted to overcome Naruto by impressing you first.
NejiAdmires you for complimenting him on his Byakugan, and complimenting on his skills in the Hyuuga clan. And by that he tends to think of you as his friend, nothing more.
Rock LeeTreats you the same as Sakura. He has to protect you with his life, and cannot fail! If he does that is 500 laps! But anyways-- He likes how you are a bit weaker than he so he can protect you without you making a remark that he is a weakling, and is ugly none-the-less. (GASP) He often tries to impress you, basically.
ShikamaruFound you sleeping on his favorite spot on the roof, and often joins you. You hang out with him alot since you both like to look at the clouds and day dream. The whole day once, you guys stayed together on the roof. He is actually beginning to think that you're the girl for him.
ChoujiLikes how you are very nice to him, and do not mind how much he weighs. He likes the compliments he gets from you, and often tends to think that you are the girl for him since you are so nice and can make some very good food!
ShinoSmiles at the fact that you are really interested in him. You don't like bugs much, but you were willing to see what they do, and that made him slightly happy. Normally people wouldn't like to see what his bugs can do, but since you like to see he puts on a show just for you. He loves how he can make you smile, and even blushes sometimes. He really likes you.
KibaBlushes when you tease him and get really close to him. You don't appear much around town, and that makes him search for you. He tends to find you at the waterfall alot more than usual, and hangs around you alot. He likes the fact that you are mature, and a very good Shinobi. He often thinks of you during missions, and tries his best to gain your attention.
GaaraAdmires how you stand up for your teammates and is not affraid to lose your life for someone you love. When he is in Konoha he visits you alot while you sleep, since he can't, and when you are awake he walks with you in the woods outside of Konoha. He had already said that he would give a try in protecting someone, and he did and that was you. And then and there he liked you alot more, but could not understand the feeling within him that makes him blush slightly.
KankuroHe often tells you his feelings, and isn't affraid of what you think. Two ways to make it better. If you accept him than he will be happy! HAPPY! But if you don't he will only try harder the next time, and the next time. And so on.
KabutoI guess the day when you had bluntly stated the whole 'I dislike you with the burning passion of the sun!' He never really liked you when you kicked his ass in front of Orochimaru. Yea, total emberrasement my friend.
KakashiDislikes how you keep stealing his books without him knowing, but also likes the fact that you are very stealthy. He tends to recommend you to missions from your awesome teamwork and your MaD SkIttleS!!
GaiHATES the fact that you prefur Kakashi more than him, and despritly tries to change the fact that Kakashi is obviously cooler in the long shot.
JiraiyaIs.. well, very excited on the fact of how mature you look even though you are Naruto's age. Can't help but even peak on you at the bathing house.

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