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Friday, June 8, 2007

Sorry no updates to site Yet


Sorry I know I'm slow but I do have a reasonable reasons for slowness

First off I graduated. The week(s) before filled with exams,
a glass incident where I was injuried ( Don't worry I'm Fine), along with other stuff.

Finally aka yesterday got my diploma saying I'm graduated.
That was the day where both parents went into the hospital; one for an operation
But they are find as well.
Now today my Grandma is dying. On her deathbed. It isn't pleasant. She's gone.

It's hard on grandpa.

But all will be well And hopefully I'll update layout soon.

PS. Those who are on GaiaOnline I'm Anne_Hijme there

so add me as friend or PM I'm on there regularly.
PSS. Another issue is college and jobs. Joy

PSSS. Hope your all doing well sorry for not checking your sites >o<

PSSSS. This is the last one. Thanks all ^ ^

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