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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello people. Um... its been over a month since I last updated. *sheepish grin* sorry. I've been pretty busy with helping out around the house, and when I'm not busy, I just.. haven't wanted to update. heh. I swear that my family would be in total chaos if I wasn't here. Every 5 minutes its "______, Can you fix this?" or "this is broken", or "i don't know how to do this", or "Can you take this down", and stuff like that. O_o. Its always either me or my dad, but because he's not here, he can't help. *sigh*.

But yeah, its been an halfway eventful summer. 3 people I know had their birthday on the same day (one I didn't say happy birthday to because he's more of an aquaintence then a friend), then one had hers 3 days after. And I went with my sister to her college town a few times, and that was fun. ^_^ I didn't get to meet her professor either time though... I think he was avoiding me (pft. 'cause he knows me */sarcasm*). And school's starting on the 28th for us, so I'm pretty excited. They didn't sent us my regristration in the mail like they were supposed to, so I sent it in late, and still got all of the classes I signed up for. ^_^ I'm so excited for the Multimedia program *dances*. The only thing I don't like about it, is that its across town and takes up 2 periods each day (days have 4 periods each, and switch off every other day). So, I don't get to see my friends ;_;. And it cuts lunch short, so i may not get to eat.

The only bad thing I think about the summer, is that my mom is constantly nagging me about being on the computer. She HATES the computers, and I don't know why. Any more than 1 hour and she's on your back telling you what needs to be done, and that you shouldn't waste you life away on the computer and junk. I'm begining to see her more as just a nag, and less as a mom. Its sad, but true.

Have any of you heard Lips of an Angel by Hinder? Its a good song. Really sad, 'specially if you watch the music video. ^_^ I really love music.

Oh! I changed the layout. It was going to look like the image at the bottom of this paragraph, but I lost intrest for some reason. So, this new one has Tetsu from PeaceMaker Kurogane. I actually haven't seen much of the show (2 funny episodes, actually), but I have a music video that has the part that this image is from in it, and I love it. Its just Tetsu screaming, but the music video makes it so yummy. Anywho, I was listening to Rooftops by LostProphets, and this image popped into my head, and this is what happened. ^_^ It looks kinda odd becuase it was really my first time trying to use grunge, so... heh. But I like it. I was wondering what color to make it, and I realized that I haven't really done a blue layout. Which is weird because its my Favorite color. I think I avoided using it because I thought I'd use it a lot. But, This is the first time. There was once when I did a blue and red layout, but... nah. There is red in this one as well though... *sheepish grin*. Don't steal please :D

Well, that about it. Over and out! *is shot*

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