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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I actully wrote something before this, but I guess the window was closed before I clicked submit. It makes me angry. But, what can ya do? So yeah, thank you to all those people who gave suggestions. Elves suggested DNAngel, and Daisuke said to do something with water. Which makes sense, because I'm obsessed with the element ^_^. So, a theme of DNAngel with water. Challenging, but it should be fun to try.

So, said Daisuke was over at my house with a few others, and we were playing ImagineIff.... For you who don't know the game, you land on a person's name, you insert their name in and ImagineIff card. Like: Imagine Iff.... ________ was a type of floating object. What would they be? 1) an apple. 2)a floating bomb 3) Etc. So, with all the ones that landed on his name, I only got two wrong. One because he chose at random, and the second one, the one he chose was my first thought, but then I changed it. I know all of my friends really well.

So, my sister id designing outfits for her characters in a story that she is writing. She always comes up with really good ideas. I can never seem to come up with outfits. They always seem to... bland. And ordinary. I really don't see how people come up with their outfits. One artist I saw actually went through and showed every part of the outfit. It was insane. Does anyone know how people come up with outfits?

So, my mom is bugging me again. She always ties things into religion. I HATE it. I'm technically one religion (babtized, etc.), but I really don't agree with half of the stuff it teaches. And my mom is really pushy and makes us go to all the meetings (or at least tries and nags at us to), and activities and stuff. I don't like it, but I'm afraid of saying anthing. Just because my mom is like that. And I HATE it when people are dissapointed in me, and show it. I'm so angry at her.

Heh. Sorry about that. Had to get it outa me. So I went and saw X-men III. And... um... well... It was a good action show. They REALLY deviated from the comic, and the pose Angel struck was just CHEESY. But, I liked it. My friends were making comments to each other throughout it, so it was really entertaining. Then we made fun of Hana, because she said she was positive that there was nothing at the end of the credits, and there was. So, whenever she said something, we'd ask if she was sure. It was quite intertaining.

Well, I'm off now. Oh! I got my license! *dances*

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