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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

not again!
Mood: Happy!
Listening to: I'm still here - Virtical Horizon

Gah! I did it again! I went for a while whithout posting. XP stupid summer. Its what happens when you throw caution to the winds and just sit around all day and spontaniously decide to do something. Or not do something. 8D either way.

So, my sister and I went out to the mall today, and I got a club-like outfit. Its red, has only one shoulder, and really cute. I really love trying on club outfits. So does Lee, so its all good. But she's more... Bad-girl then me. I like to wear them, but I'm a good girl. MOst of the time. :P j/k

Ya know... I'm really bored of this theme already. There are a few songs that I have in mind to base the next one off of; the top on my list being Return to Pooh Corner by Kenney... Something. Loggings I think....:P. But there are a few others that I'm thinking of. Some from the Tomorrow album by SR-71. There's also I'm still here; both songs. There's one by Virtical Horizon, and one by John Reznik. OH oh!! And the english version of I want to change the world. :P I always base my layouts off of songs. Ya know why? Because music is inspiring. 8DDD *hearts*. Any songs that you think would be fun for a theme? Or any of the above? Feedback welcome!

So I've been sanding and filling in holes with this fake wood stuff. Its not fun. 'specially since I'm now sanding. XP sucks. My arm is tired. But that stuff happens, right? :D

So, my dad left on sunday back up to North Carolina. Great huh? And he updated linux just before he left, and our cd/dvd burner isn't working. XP I hate it when that happenes. And I realized that I don't have my graphics program on this computer. ._. It sucks. Oh well.

Hah. I'm killing my computer. Just my profile alone has 1.4 GB, 1608 files and 236 sub-folders (funny thing is, I just got rid of a LOT of stuff). There are 4 other profiles on the computer, +root. In case that means anything to you. 8D I'm such a freak.

So, ta ta!

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