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Monday, June 12, 2006

Feeling: Odd.. O_o
Listening to: Protege Moi (a french song. I don't know french XD.)

Lol. If you guys could see my subjects... lol. Anywho. I'm bored. And tired. But thats really okey. So, yesterday for dinner we had meatloaf (I like how my mom makes it), and my dad was trying to serve it, but he kept on butchering the slices. I was making fun of him the entire time. My sister finally said "*insert name here*,its not like you can do better." then, to try to prove her point, she asked me to give her a perfect slice. And I did. EVERY TIME! After serving everyone, I gave my dad a HUGE grin, and he (jokingly)Glared at me and said "Oh be quiet". XD I love my family (most of the time....). But, my aunt was over, like every sunday, and getting on my nerves, like every sunday. She always complains about people that she knows that have been mean to her, but then when we complain like that, she says that they're probably all really great people and we're just seeing the bad in them. and she ALWAYS defends them. It bothers me SO much. But, My cousin who comes as well is really cool. ^_^.

So, I woke up this morning at 7. Because I told myself that I would. I then took my dogs for a 45 minute walk, and slept again for a few more hours. It sucks, because after the walk, I was REALLY tired, because I get tired easily. It bothers me a LOT, because sometimes I'm with friends and I get really tired, and then its not as fun. *sigh* Don't EVER get mono. I mean, seriously.

So, I'm playing FFX, and its great fun. I'm trying to finish it, because I want to play FFX-2. I really dunno why. But I do. ^_^

Well, see ya guys later!

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