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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

speaking of hive minds...
So, my group #6 is officially a hive. The teacher called us hive minds because we used the excuse that we work better as the three of us to be able to be in the same group. If that made any sense. It does to me. I have this hard time with putting my thoughts to words. o.O. So, we're finally getting to the end of the quarter. I have a math final, a multimedia final, and... I think thats it. Wow. wait, no... maybe a biology final. Probably not. I have an easy teacher. *grin* I shot him. And he couldn't do anything about it, because of his HUGE ring. *laughs* So anywho....

I really need a life. I mean... seriously. All I do is look at anime art and stuff. I actually have gone on walks for the past three days. like... 2 1/2- 3 mile walks. With my fluffy dogs. ^_^ I need to show pictures. Eventually.

Argh. i have SO many missing assignments that i have to make up. Its driving me insane. Oh. I took a math placement test, and got placed in 1050. But that majorly messed things up and I have to go talk to my councelor about that. :P Maybe I won't have to take 1010 in the summer though... *hopes*

So, I'm writing some kind of evolution paper in Biology. I'm using DRAGONS!!!! *insert evil laughter*. From a Faerie dragon to a modern European dragon. Yes. MODERN. Just 'cause we don't see them doesn't mean the don't exist. XP. I'm such a freak.

So, Mark is playing DDR again. On the computer. On Heavy. ANd I really don't get how he does it. Like O_o cows. Seriously. He's playing Ready Steady Go. from FMA. *hearts* Love that song. And he has a cool layout. And Scotty it typing things without a keyboard. 'cause its nots working. He has to find words then copy and past the letters. Its so funny.

And I'm off. Sorry I haven't been for a while. I may change my theme again. Just... cause. If I get inspired. So... yeah. bye.

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