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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

hoo done it?
I gots a cellphone! I'm SO happy. and I can Call Yukina123 for free! Yay! I have Verison, and I can call anyone on the Verison Network for free aslong as they arn't paying per minute. ^_^ Makes me happy. I have a better phone than Yukina123! :P beat that!

So um.. not much to report. Something happened to Duo-chan, so she was crying yesterday. I felt really bad, because I was being a jerk and avoiding everyone today. I was in... a mood. I've been depressed all week, and I just didn't want to be around anyone. So, I think that she thought that I was mad at her. And she was having a hard enough day, so I felt really bad. So I just stayed with her while she cryed, because I didn't know what else to do. Its just been a bad week hasn't it? XP. Oh well.

So, um... thats all. ^_^

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