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Sunday, April 30, 2006

la di di daaaaaaaa~!
So, my mom's home. and already the stress level is higher. But I'll get over it. I'm getting a Cell Phone!!! *dances around* We got a family plan because I'm going to be getting my liscense really soon, so I need one. My little sister's really angry because... she's like that. :P.

I actually cleaned a lot yesterday! Now today, I'm going to try to move downstairs. ^_^ and I need to practice a lot, because a recital is in two weeks, and I haven't practiced all this week. I'm so skrewed ^_^.

So, I've gotten really obsessed with Marth latly. All because of Hail-NekoYasha on Deviantart. Her comics make me laugh so much. ^_^ And then I read a really good fanfic. ^_^ It made me happy. but there was one part where I was like... That is SO not Marth. There were a few other lines that made me laugh way hard as well. Like... “Hold on, we can’t just waltz up there in our regular clothing, say ‘Hello, wait just one minute while we become girls’ and expect them to hire us.". I laughed SO hard. They were trying to get into the palace, so they were going to become maids. XD. it was SO funny.

Well, I need to get off. My madre's nagging. Fare well sweet freedom of the computers!

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