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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

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Wen I went to get my jeans from the drier, the wern't done, so I had to wear some cordoroi pants. I wasn't happy, but it worked. Got to school, met with friends, talked, laughed because my friend had a batman shirt, etc.

First/fifth period, we watched a show about sharks and how people react with/to them I thought it was interesting (but, I'm a shark lover), and eneryone else didn't think it was so cool. *glares* stup narrow-minded people. We made cells from candy at the first of the period, but other than that, the class had nothing to do with Biology.

Second/sixth period, we started learning about the Romans. I don't much like the Romans, because i really like the Greeks. People wonder why I dislike the Romans and Like the Greeks so much, 'cause they're a lot alike, but thats exactly why I don't like them. They took the Greek culture, modified it in small ways, and claimed it as their own. It annoys me.

In gym, my favorite class ever */sarcasm* we're playing pickle ball. I do not like it. But, we were against teams of people we're friends with, so it was funny. Once,we played rock-paper-scissors to decide who won, then we played the game. Then in lunch, I got food,, ate the main dish, and left because a girl cam. We went to the stairs that we usually go to so we can avoid her hang out, and she walked by. One friend felt bad, but me and another high-fived, and the first friend punched me.

In math, we're solving radicals O.o. it was a section we skipped, so now we're going over it and we're reviewing, but thats unimportant. And thats the end of my B day. I dislike them. I only have six more days of gym left *Dances*! and six of drivers ed as well.

My sister was talking about palmagranits and saying ther were kinda like a romantic food, so she asked whay they symbolized. I was going upstairs but shouted back "They're the food of the underworld!". After a short silence, I heard "... Dang". XD I was laughing. Then she and my eldest sister had a discussion about that myth.

And I am SO frustrated. Listed to Prelude in G minor by Rachmaninoff, and you'll know my mood. My brother is driving me INSANE. He has this condisending attitude, and when I asked him to be quiet at our piano lesson because he was being noisy, he said "I don't have to if I don't want to" and ignored me. I wanted to shoot him. And then he had the nerve to ask me if he could play Kingdom Hearts. I REALLY wanted to kill him. I said no, but had to tell him he could for a half an hour later because he was about to throw a tantrum (and he's 11). *sigh* Him and my sister are SO thick. We (eldest sister and I) told our little sister to go away because it wasn't a good time to talk to us, and she asked "why?" We told her we were in a bad mood and it wasn't a good Idea to talk to us, and she asked "why?" she's 13. They're SO thick. *fume*

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