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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Well, I finally decided to update. Its the first day of school, and its 5:45 AM. I have NO idea what I'm doing awake right now. I think its because my mom claims that I never get up in the morning, and I'm mad at her and so I got up. That sounds right.

Well, lets start with Christmas. It was on a Sunday, and I had to play the Organ in church. But lets not dwell on that. The first two gifts I got were FMA stuff (artbook and calendar), I got a book on symbols, Kingdom Hearts manga 1, Flash drive, my dads old Digital Camera (its REALLY nice), and Cloaths. I HATE getting cloaths. *angermark* Its something that you can get any day, so It doesn't really matter to me. And a purse. My mom got me a purse. that is SO not something you'd picture me with.

Then New Years! I was watching the Naruto Marathon on Cartoon Network. I just wish they did the NEW episodes for the marathon, not the old ones. But, the did a new one after. I also drank 2 bottles of sparkeling cider given to me by someone. One of my sisters was acting drunk when she drank hers, and it didn't help that we were reading RPG cliches. And my sister's friend was over, supprisingly, because we crimped his hair last time he came over. He sorta looked like and anime character ^_^. My sister said he did, and I agreed, then she said to the guy, "be careful, she's about to fall madly in love with you". He chuckled. He's WAY cute though. but he's only 5'11" (my two older sisters are 5'11", my dad's 6'5", and my mom's 6 feet tall. so, 5'11" isn't that tall for us). At 1:30, I finally went to sleep, and we got woken up the next day at 8 for church. NOT fun. I took a four hour nap afterwards.

My family watched Star Trek Nemesis last night, and it had the SADDEST ending. I wanted to cry, because poor Data... I really like him. I think he's my favorite, Besides Jean-Luc Picard. I really like Picard. I'm really not a Treky, I promise (I'm a ringer. Or I used to be...) My dad is, and so he got the entire Star Trek; The Next Generation series, and we all like it now. But we're not obsessed. But it was really sad. I liked it.

And yeah, I really need to make New Year Resolutions. Haven't done that yet. One will probably have something to do with updating MyO at LEAST every 3 days. Hopefully every day. It'll work if I keep getting up at 5:30, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

And the new theme... I'm thinking of something. I really don't know what to do. I want to use some girls artwork, but you're kinda not supposed to do that. *sigh* She's REALLY good to. Alls well. Suggestions welcome.

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