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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I finally got the new layout done. I started it, and then the program I was using shut down for no reason, and none of the work was saved. I was mad, and went in to play the piano for a few minutes, then came back and started over. After I finished, I needed to go to bed, so I did. This morning, I transfered the file and a pattern I made to this computer that I'm on now (which is the computer i usually use), and made the avi, background image in the post, and fixed up the site a bit. Sorry the layout's so bright, you can turn down the brightness of your screen if its bothering you. Not much I can do about it now that its all finished. But I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'm thinking its my best wall paper to date ^_^.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the year. We got to go to both lunches in my 3rd period class, becuase the teacher didn't have anything for us to do. All was going well, until 4th period when the teacher brought up killing cats. And that was not good. I was crying (silently, of course) until the end of the period, and a bit after. We had an assembly, and two of my friends found me, and would NOT leave me alone. We went into the class room that we were going to be having anime club in, and stayed in there. I went in the corner and took a short nap, and just thought for a little while. Actually, I didn't really think. I just sat there and stared at nothing, but it helped. By the time the assembly was over, I was feeling well. I then called my dad to bring over a mat because we were going to be playing DDR. We had the anime club party, and it was SO much fun. we had a bunch of asian foods, and I have one of the soft dring bottles. They're really cool, because they have this marble, and you have to push the marble into the drink to be able to drink it. Its SO cool ^_^. I didn't like some of the foods, like the shrimp flavored chips, but most of the food was really good.

When I was back home and on the computer starting the layout for the first time, my friend called, and asked me to just talk for a little while. I did of course, and I soon had her laughing. The said thanks when I had to get off, and we hung up. I then made fun of my sister when she was talking to her boyfriend, and went to bed.

So, there is the past two days. I still need to get my christmas shopping done... Well, I got to go work on my sister's Deviantart ID now, so Ta!

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