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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey guys. I wasn't going to post today, because of things that I will explain later, but I decided to because I havent for a little while. So, I'll try to get the new theme worked on s soon as possible, but Its kinda been a bad day.

One of our dogs got spayed a few days ago, and she's been really out of it. It hurts her to walk, even though she does it a lot, and she can't go on walks, which is making her absolutly sad. She loves going on walks, but she can't for about two weeks. So, our family can't say "walk" because she'll want to go. She can't go upstairs for two weeks, but she does go up a flight of three stairs on occasion. So, thats what happened to our dog.

The think that REALLY made me sad today, is that we had to put our cat, Misty, to sleep. She got diabetes, and wasn't doing well at ALL. She would limp around a lot and fall off things that she usually could do without even thinking about it. Three days ago, she fell off our freezer without any reason to fall of, and she just layed there and staired at my mom. She's been sick for about half a year. She would drink and go to the bathroom so much that she wasn't getting anything from her food, so she was getting really light. We dicided that we didn't want her to be like this about a week ago, but we waited until today because my sister wanted to be there when they put her down. They said that she was struggling because the doctors couldn't find a vien, so it was hurting her. When they finally started putting in the fluid, she started licking my sister's hand. She stopped, and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. Her pupils then Dialated, and they didn' go back to normal. Her eyes stayed open. She was dead. My sister started crying, and when she came home, she locked herself in her room for abou 3 hours. It took me about 15 min. after they came home for the fact that our cat wasn't going to be there anymore to sink in, and then I went up in my room and cried for about a half an hour. I've been really out of it since then, and I really don't want to do anything. Lovely Christmas time, no?

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