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Friday, November 25, 2005

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Thanksgiving was FUN! Our family was cooking from 10 to 1 (I mad a banana cream pie!), then we went over to our aunts house where we said 'Hi' to everyone. After conversing for an hour, we had dinner. At 2 in the afternoon. Kinda early ne? After dinner, we sat around and talked for a half an hour, then we went bowling, as is tradition. The strange thing is, that 2 days before, I was at the exact same bowling place on the exact same lane (38). It was kinda weird. I got a strike on my first turn! I was happy. So, we palyed 2 games, then went back to our aunts house and ate pie. And my other aunts cheesecake. Its SO good. *drool* I had some for breakfast XD. So, after pie eating time, my family + a cousin came home and watched cellular. It was good. Some unnessecary swearing, but it was good. Then my sister and I watched episodes 2 & 3 of paranoia agent, and 3 & 4 of samauri Champloo. I havent seen the previous ones of both of those animes, so I was kinda confused. Paranoia agent is WEIRD. Its about this kid called Little sluger who hits people with a golden bat while skating on golden rollerblades. O.o its odd. Then from what I get, samauri champloo is about some people searching for a samauri that smelles like sunflowers. So... that was pretty odd.

And my sister's giving me nasty glares because she wants to play her game. and she not-so-sublty tapping her feet. And the flames around her don't help any.... So, ta!

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