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Thursday, November 17, 2005

So yeah, I'm really pissed at the moment. I was with two of my friends at the school play that our school is putting on (one of my friends and I were helping- we wern't really assigned to the play). My friends and I were helping with props, and we had a time we wern't really needed so we went out in frount to watch the rehersal. After a while, a lady came over and told us that if we wern't in it, then we had to leave. So, My friend started freaking out (she has a BAD guilty conscience at times) and so we left, while Duo stayed (she was assigned). So, I was pretty pissed, because we were helping and Y-chan freaked out, and was being really quiet while we were going to our lockers. While we were walking home, Y-chan said that I could have stayed if I really wanted to. I looked at her strange then looked away. So, she started freaking out again and asking "What?". I didn't say this to her, but she was being awfully pushy about us 'needing' to get out of there because 'we wern't supposed to be there because we wern't helping'. This wouldn't get on my nerves so much, but She's been REALLY pessimistic, and I can't stand that after so long. She says that 'at times she needs to get her pessimmism out', but it seems more like 'at times, she needs to get her optimism out' because she's so pessimistic all the time. *sigh* Its really starting to wear on my nerves.

So, now that rants out, Hana-chan's puppy, Kayko, had puppies!!!! So she hasn't been at school for the past little while because she's taking care of them ^_^ happy. So, I'll make some graphic thing for her when I get home. But... I guess something happened. GO to her site to see what.

And I just read the 53rd Chapter of Full Metal Alchemist. And, it was once again an uber cliff-hanger. It was kinda creepy, because there were people crawling outa other people and.... Ew. It was cool looking though.

OH! And I'm going to the opening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. So, yeah. I'm going now.

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