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Friday, September 23, 2005

Holy cow, I was on this Graphics website that i go to regularly and post comments on updats on, and the webmistress replied back!!! *Celebrating* YAY!!!! I'm happy. ^.^
Anyways, I was going to go see Corpse Bride with my friends today at 3:30, but I have something I'm supposed to do with some other friends so... *cries* I'm gunna miss out on hanging out with my friends (well... some). I can't say I'm too sad about missing Corpse Bride.... *shudders* I hated Nightmare before Christmas. I saw it when I was really little, and it gave me nightmares. And because this is by the same person and is supposidly a prequal... I was only going so I could be with my friends. I have no desire to see it. Even if it has Depp's voice.
I still havent gotten Linux up yet... *shame* <---LOL(inside joke) GOMEN!!! I'll try to get it up as soon as possible. I really will. My dad will probibly make me do it on my own anyways so that I can learn how to do it. He's like that. ^.^ But thats Okay. I learn things better that way.
One of our puppies has been chosen to go to the owner of the Sire. Its the big one. Orca *hears Hana-chan snicker* Yes... Orca *angermark* And you still have that don't you Hana? *sticks tongue out* But, I won't let you use it as blackmail. :P
Hey!!! Mark is making a 3D sword. Coolness!!!
Mark: *grin*
Me: Thats is cool.... And you know how to use blender...
Mark: Kinda....
Me: *glare* Cheater
Mark: *grin*
Me: *sticks tongue out*
Mark: *laugh*
Me: So..... anyways... you guys have been hearing of Mark a lot eh? Its because He sits next to me. and I swear I've said this before.... But I'm too lazy to go see if its int the archives. cause I don't care that much about it. So... ja.
Hoy cow. A week ago (yeah, this is old news) I went to The JR high. Everyone is the same hight, except for like 20 people who are taller. @.@ It was insane. It looked like a sea of people. Seriousaly. Like in all those shows where it shows a lot of people and they're all the same hight except for a few people. It was like that. It was SO COOL!!!
Well, I had bester be going now. See ya guys later!

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