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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   So.... yeah...
Anyways... I'm sorry the layout has been like this for a long time. *Bows* Gomen, But I don't have linux on my computer currently, and I can't do graphics unless I have that. ;.; And my dad's out of town so he can't teach me how to load it up. Mayhaps I'll just find out on the internet... somehow.... TT.TT Sadness.
*sigh* There's this guy I like at school (And Hana, If you tease me about this, I will break your fingers, and torture you like Sayid did to Sawyer), and He asked one of my friends to be his girlfriend. The thing is... I'm really happy for her, because she likes him too, and they make such a cute couple. But I still like him. *sigh* Its saddening. But as long as she's happy.... Then its okay. We've been friends for 6 years, and I'm not going to let some guy I've only known since for about a month ruin it. *sigh* alls well.
So, enough of sob stories, I just found out that there is an official Lost magazine. @.@ Like... wow. And a new episode is on tonight!!! The start of a new season!!!! YAY!!!! ^.^
And.... Is there really anything else to talk about? @.@ Hows about some New Ideas for the theme.... for when my daddy comes home... in a week.... TT.TT. I really don't know what to do.... I'm half-way watching my partner make my T-shirt design. I have one of his already. ^.^ I like it. I has Cloud, Kadaj, Yuffie, and Vincent. YAY!!! Kadaj is hot. And really heart-wrenchingly cute when he looks sad/hurt. *drool*
Mark: -_- cut it out....
Me:*sticks tongue out*
Mark:*Laughs and goes back to computer*
Me; *rolls eyes* I want headphones so I can listen to Anime music... I LOVE FULL MOON!!!! Hm.. mayhaps thats what I'll do as a new theme...But I might stick with precious FMA.... ;.; What to do.... *sigh* Yasuo Saitou's and Myco's voices are so pretty... I havent heard Chieko Honda sing yet so... I can't say whether I like hers or not... TT.TT I need to hear the song she sings!!! And I can't say I really like Kana's voice.... If you don't know who I'm talking about, They're Seiyuu's. *sigh* but I really like Saitou-san's voice. *drool* I need to finish the series. I'm on the second to last disk though! YAY!!! And I've seen the end already. TT.TT So sad.... poor Meroko... ;.; But I'm happy for her.
......... erm....... where were we.... AH! Um... I had bester go do my stuff. I rambled. Gomen. Well, Ta!

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