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Monday, September 19, 2005

Wow. I just had the most WONDERFUL weekend . Like. wow. ^.^ It was so fun. I was hanging out after school with about... 8 of my friends (and one girl I really hate, so I was kinda avoiding her). And then 3 of them left *sad*, and so did the girl I don't like *celebrates*. So me and 5 of my friends were hanging out talking about our soap opera lives (no, seriously. One of my friends's lives is really like a soap opera), then One of them had to leave. So, it was just me and 4 of my friends left. I had to go home, so I walked (all holding hands. It was so funny. We were in a circle) to one the people's street (where all of them were going to hang out), and we parted ways. Got home, and saw my sister (who came over from college for the weekend), and called my friends who were looking for Movie times for the Brothers Grimm. Then they came over and we listened to funny stories of my sister and boys spouting cheese on her. *Laughs* This is what one said to her: "I want to know if the flavor of your lips is strawberry." How's that for cheezy eh? ^.^ Twas so funny. Then my friends hung out for a little while and called up another friend to see if she could drive us to the movie theater. Saw Brothers Grimm (while holding hands. I was SO jumpy. My friends were making fun of me). And weirded people out and talking in weird accents while waiting for one friends parents to come pick us up. Went home laughing all the way because on guy and me were fighting over a friend. It was so funny. Then got home, and slept. Didn't do anything Sat. But on sunday, I went over to my friends house to celebrate for her brother. And while were were in her room there was a HUGE spider crawling across her floor. We both jumped and just sat there stairing at it. Then it moved and we both screamed. My friend ran out to get her brother while I had to watch it (Creepyness!!!). So her brothers came in and took it outside in a cup. *shudders* It was HUGE!!! Then we ate. Then we had pie and ice cream. Then I walked home. Then I went over to my other friends house. Then We hung out. Then I went home. When I went to bed. And thus concludes my wonderful weekend.
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