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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Heh. We're learning the basics about Adobe Illustrator. I can't say I much like it compaired to my graphic program at home. *sniff* I don't have linux on the computer anymore. Which means, I don't have my graphic stuff. *tear* Alls well. I'll just bug my dad. *evil grin* So... I think I've decided my Fav. Anime/game/stuff characters. i think... nope. nevermind... mayhaps...*goes insane*
Mark: heh.
Mark: *grin*
Yeah, so, Mark is a friend who sits next to me.

OH MY GOSH!!! I read the FMA chapter 51 manga. Oh My Giddy Aunt. Wow. Like... wow. Envy @.@ Hello.... wow... creppy. If you don't know what I'm talking about.... I feel bad for you. *sticks tongue out* I'm not gunna tell you. Mayhaps I'll make it into a background.... hm... @.@ Creepy.

Erm... I had bester get back to my class...ness... ^.^ Ta!

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