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Monday, August 15, 2005

My sister (Lee) and I have been staying up late these past few days. Actually, it wasn't really late... just later than what she's used to. She gets migranes if she doesn't get enough sleep. So... yeah... 1st night, we made white chocolate covered popcorn and watched anime, and the second night we were talking in the back of the truck about nothing and everything. ^.^ It was fun.

So yeah... I just got finished watching episode 12 of Full Metal Panic (and I haven't seen any other episodes....) And am eating tomato soup. I don't even like tomato soup. but I've been craving it so.... @.@ I'm eating it.

GAH!!! My little sister is driving me insane!!! Her head is 3x bigger than the galaxy when her friends are over. She just absolutly KNOWS that she is SOOOOO COOL. >.< Its driving me bonkers. She freaked out when Lee was fixing spelling errors on her MSN name, because she wanted it that way. *hyperventalation*

Yeah so... The puppies are SO FAT. @.@ Its unbelievable. We named one Orca. It was just whale, but my sister is obsessed with Orca's so... Its Orca.

And my graphics computer is currently down, because the puppies are starting to walk and we needed a place to put them, and we had to move the computer. T.T It makes me sad...

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