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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I got my schedule For school today. I have 3 classes with one of my best friends. ^.^ Yay!!!! So... happyness all around. ^.^ My dad's pretending to be mad about it. ^.^ He says we won't get anything done and we'll talk all the time in class. (which is probibly true...).

In other breaking news, I found out yesterday that my friend had her appendix removed. @.@ so we 4-wayed her and bugged her. then we were listening to songs over the phone and trying to guess what they were. ^.^ It was fun. But I was drawing a blank on all of them.

So yeah, I'm currently downloading Naruto Songs. My Sis's boyfriend (who is here all the Freakin' time.... ) talks about it and likes it alot, and I have heard 2 of the songs and really liked them so... :P Anime and computer stuff are my life.

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