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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I was just thinking of some really funny stories one of my sister's was telling me (true ones, of course) and I thought I Should share them all with you.

Story 1
My sister (whom I shall call Lee) was at her work and her boss was teaching her how to Iron some draperies. Her boss was giving one example and said "I use a lot of surge of steam on this one..." and the first thought that came to my sister's mind was: "I wonder how many Hit points that's worth..."

Story 2)
Lee was picking the seam out of a drape that someone accidentily messed up. Her boss noticed that she was picking out every one of the seams, and told her that there was one thread that if you pull it, then the entire seam comes out. Her thought was "The one string to rule them all...". She laughed, and pulled the string.

The funny thing about those stories, is that she's not a major gamer, or a big Lord of the Rings fan. ^.^

Another time I was talking with another of my sisters (whom I shall call Alicorn) who is writing a story (and starting it over to make it more horror *.*) and we were talking about what would happen if it got really famous and people started writing fanfictions and fanarts about it. With all the Yaoi and stuff (now, I'm not against guy-guy relationships, but It isn't her favorite thing). We were wondering about if someone Drew a yaoi fanart of two of the characters, and she flamed them. They would probibly get mad at her, but if she told them that she was the author, they wouldn't believe her and get mad at her. It was an interesting conversation.

Yeah so... Its about 12:30AM at the moment. Why am I up this late (without my parents eating me)? I couldn't sleep. So, I came down to my little brother playing Warcraft III. I told him to go to bed (although, saying 'I kicked him off' would be a more correct way of putting it ) And here I am, updating MyO and finishing up a layout I started. So... yeah.

*stares at post* I thinks its a record fer me... so long.... @.@

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