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Friday, July 29, 2005

Hello. I went to lagoon yesterday with my family (and two of my sister's friends). ^.^ It was fun. On of the guys (his name is James) Is a real anime and game freak. He dyed his hair Blue. Like, anime Hair Blue. Its cool. So yeah. It was alright, but not really fun because none of my friends were there. *sigh* I had to come home a little early anyways because of a school thingy I'm doing. Buuuut, I went back. And it was good. Kinda.

Anyways, I LOVE ANIME AND GAMES!!!!! I was watching A Kingdom Hearts II Trailer and... I can't help but be happy. I start laughing. They feel like my friends and I went on a journey with them. So when the show/game is over, I feel like I just lost a good friend. It's really sad. *sigh*

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