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Monday, July 11, 2005

Eh he... Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Mom's been in a really bad mood. >.< So, its safer if we don't get on the computer *sigh*. But, I'm over at Hana-chan's house, and she's letting me update while she does dishes. We're also confusing her dad with with weird words. XD. Her dad's awsome.
On a sadder note, the computer that has all of my graphic's/anime stuff got taken away because it was "causing too much stress for my mother". *angermark*. So, you may be stuck with this layout until we get a way to make our parents give us the computer back. And I have a good idea how. *evil grin* Mwahahahaha.... Dunno if it will work though. So, I'm off to go help Hana-chan paint a room. @.@U? Yeah, I'm confused about it at the moment as well. @.@
And Hana is making fun of my spelling errors.

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