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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My mom's gone. Yay. Computer. YAY!!! ^.^ I'm so evil. On a whole nother subject, I'm Playing a song on the piano Called Prelude Pour Piano by Debussy (its my midiBut I can't play it that fast, I'm only learning it!!!) And it hurts like the Dickins to play.>.< The glissando's (where you go up the keyboard playing all the white notes) Hurts Way bad. Its peeling the skin off my finger. >.< ow.
Ya so anyways. Yesterday my sister wanted to go to the mall, but my dad was telling her to call the person in charge of the job she was trying to get. But, she doesn't much like my dad and doesn't listen to him, so I told her to call him. She did, and got an interview a half an hour later. ROTFL. It was way funny.

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