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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   YAY!!! New Layout!!
Alright, School just got out for all the High- and Middle-schoolers in town. So, I decided to make a layout because of that. Gosh it took a while to make. *sigh* I'm actually grounded from the computer (except for HTML, web stuff, And DDR) Until July. *sigh* Alls well. All because My mom's a control freak and I got a bad grade. *rolls eyes*
Anyways, 3 Days in a row!!! YAY!!! *throws confettiAra?* Charles Dickins, I can't spell today. >.< And Hana, If you even THINK about correcting anything, I will personally come over to your house and ring your neck. XD I'm such a nice friend.

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