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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My arm hurts
I don't know why it does. I think my arm's cramping, which really hurts (actually, its more just uncomfortable and annoying than hurtful). Anyway. I'm quite tired too, and I. Don't. Know. Why. I woke up this morning and just hit the snooze button instead of getting up and going to school. I did go to school, but I was a few minutes late. It shows how exciting my life is that I'm telling you about my morning routine.

Rodney's sitting next to me telling me entertaining South Park episodes. Just told me about some hockey one, which sounds horrible. Seriously, I never get shows like that. But its fun listening to Rodney tell about them. He's a great kid *hugs him*.

Our 3D team is working on our team project, A short animation about something of our choosing. We're doing a story about a killer Couch. It kinda started out as an LOL kinda suggestion, and it turns out that it is what we are doing for our project. I modeled the Main guy, which was not as hard as it could have been, but no walk in the park. Its easier than Blender, though... So yeah, I'll show you some of the stuff we do after its done. I still need to work on my Quarter Project as well, but I'm doing that on paper first. If I ever get around to it *cough*.

I'm back on the piano for 2 hours a day! I'm so happy(ish)! It really seems less of a hassle when I only have 2 hours to do. It was very stressful when there was 4 hours that my mother expected of me. She talked to some lady in my aunt's neighborhood who's son took from my teacher, and she said that he only practiced 1 hour a day, and he still got the scholarship. So, she said that 2 hours was enough while getting ready for scholarships, then it can go back to 1 hour. I'm SO relieved. My life does seem to be kinda easy now, especially because I don't have any homework and my classes at school are fun, but easy. The only thing I don't really like is Teaching Piano, but I really do like the money (even though its not as much as if I had a normal Job. But then again, I really only teach 2 hours a week).

I had bester go now, our break time in MM is over, so I need to get back with the group. Ta~!

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